BREXIT LIVE: Nervy May prepares to CANCEL vote as ‘SWARM’ of ministers threaten to resign

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The Prime minister has faced barrage of resignation threats, with MPs warning the Prime Minister they will not back her Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Mrs May has been taking last ditch measures to win over backbenchers, following a fraught week where over 100 MPs threatened to thwart her deal – with it looking likely that her bill will be rejected in the crunch vote. Andrew Mitchell became the 108th Conservative MP to oppose the deal. 

Defence Secretary Gavin Williams’ parliamentary aide, Colchester MP Will Quince, quit over the Irish backstop issue. 

Cabinet minister and Breixteer Penny Mordaunt said to be deciding whether to back the deal or quit the Cabinet.  

Ministers and aides expect her to announce a delay on the vote on Monday.  

The Prime Minister warned her party that if they vote against her Brexit deal they risk handing power to Jeremy Corbyn and being stuck permanently in the EU.

Senior Tories and aides to the Prime Minster warned that she has to fight for a deal that Breixteers are satisfied with – or risk a defeat that could see  her ousted from office by Christmas.  

Theresa May has been warned she may lose power if she doesn’t return to Brussels to re-negotiate the terms of her deal.

According to the Times, Mrs May is preparing to head back to Brussels to re-open negotiations in an attempt to save the Government from collapse.  

One source said: “People in Number 10 thinks she needs to have a “hangdbag moment” where she says “Up with this I will not put.” 

Defence minister Tobias Ellwood told the newspaper that he was ready to back a referendum – but would back the deal if there was a vote on Tuesday.

Mr Ellwood said: “If parliament does not agree a Brexit deal soon, the we must recognise that the original mandate to leave, taken over two years ago, will begin to date and will, eventually, no longer represent a reflection of current intent.” 


10.20am update: David Davis TEARS INTO May’s Brexit deal – ‘As Thatcher said, NO, NO, NO!’

Another former Brexit Secretary, David Davis, has urged Parliament to block Theresa May’s ‘wretched’ deal, a major blow to the Prime Minister as Tuesday’s crunch vote looms.

Mr Davis demanded the UK instead “negotiate a better future with the UK”, with over 100 MPs now having announced their opposition to Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Davis said today: “We are being asked to shackle ourselves to a deal which hands over £39 Billion without anything guaranteed in return, which allows the European Court of Justice to continue to interfere in British law and our daily lives, and which breaks the Conservative manifesto promise to leave the customs union.  

“With a new platform, we can negotiate a better future for the UK, we can return control to the British people and we can focus on the concerns of families across the country.  

“We can talk again of lower taxes, higher returns for people’s enterprise and initiative. 

“Next Tuesday is make or break. We must turn our backs on the past, defeat this wretched deal and get on with the future.” 

9.55am update: ‘TRAPPED INDEFINITELY!’ Dominic Raab says Parliament MUST vote against May’s deal

The Former brexir Secretary, Dominic Raab, has said  ministers shopudl vote againest her Withdrawal Agreement, in order to force the Prime Minister to renegotiate a revised offer with Brussels.

Mr Raab said Mrs May should “remedy the flaws in the backstop and ensure a transition to a ‘best in class’ Free Trade Agreement (FTA)” – but said this would only be possible if MPs voted against her on Tueaday in Parliament.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Raab said: “As for the dream of a global Britain, trading more freely from Asia to Latin America, the EU has tied our hands.

“This suffocates one of the great opportunities of Brexit – to use free trade to generate better paid jobs, and cut prices in the shops to ease the cost of living for low and middle income families.

“None of this is necessary to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland. With smart deployment of technology and goodwill on all sides, that could be avoided.

“Instead, the EU’s strategy is to use the backstop to prise Northern Ireland away from Great Britain, aligning its laws with the EU – a direct threat to the integrity of the UK.

“So, I will vote against this deal because it is bad for our economy and democracy, and because it drains away the opportunities that Brexit presents.”

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