BREXIT LIVE: Irish minister warns a new Brexit plan could force DELAY in the UK leaving EU

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This comes as David Davis said Brexit talks between Theresa May and Jean Claude-Junker “hit a dead end”. The former Brexit Secretary launched an alternative EU deal which, he said, will give “little reason” to Brussels to reject it, as it is built “on what has already been offered”. This new deal would tick all the boxes for both the UK and the EU, Mr Davis claimed. In an op-ed published by The Sun, the former Cabinet minister said his deal “plots a way forward”, delivers global free trade deals agreements and lets Britons “regain control” of their borders. 

He continued: “It solves the problem of the Irish backstop which has so plagued negotiations.

“It preserves a transition period and prepares the way for a Canada style free trade agreement between the UK and the EU.

“It solves the backstop problem by making use of existing streamlined customs procedures already in use across the world.

“These are the same arrangement which Michel Barnier would have been happy to impose when he suggested a customs border in the Irish Sea.  

brexit news theresa may deal latest no deal brexit david davis

Brexit news: Ireland’s foreign minister warns a new Brexit plan could delay the UK’s exit (Image: GETTY)

“It avoids a hard border, respects the Good Friday Agreement and removes the challenge to the territorial integrity of the UK.

“It enables a smooth UK withdrawal and avoids an attempt to exercise jurisdiction in the territory of a non-Member State by the EU.

“It proposes a better deal for the UK and a better deal for the EU.

“So, we have an alternative Withdrawal Agreement ready and waiting on the shelf. I strongly advise the Government to present this to the EU immediately, along with a clear framework of a Trade Agreement.” 

brexit news theresa may deal latest no deal brexit david davis

Brexit news: David Davis unveiled a new Brexit deal last week (Image: GETTY)

Mr Davis, who resigned as Brexit Secretary in July in protest of Theresa May’s Chequers Deal, confidently said the EU doesn’t “want the UK to leave without a deal, any more than we do.”

He added: “Since this proposal builds on what has already been offered, there is very little reason for the EU to reject it.

“We need to show people across the EU that we have momentum and are moving towards a satisfactory solution.” 

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brexit news theresa may deal latest no deal brexit david davis

Brexit news: The Brexit negotiations ‘hit a dead end’ David Davis said (Image: GETTY)

But his deal alone won’t be enough to push the EU to take the deal, Mr David said, urging the Government to “step up no deal preparations” in case such an exit is necessary.

He added: “Such an approach actually makes obtaining a deal more likely as the EU realise more and more that we are serious.

“They know that a World Trade Organisation deal will enable the UK to strike Free Trade Agreements around the world.”

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8.45pm update: Brexit no deal travel warning

TOURISTS could be warned not to book holidays after March 29 in the event of a no deal Brexit under emergency contingency plans discussed by government officials, it has been claimed.

Tory cabinet ministers are reported to be discussing fears a sudden no deal could leave planes grounded and the ports gridlocked. Shock contingency plans could see families warned against booking summer holidays, according to reports by the Sunday Times.

A Downing Street spokesman has since denied the claims, saying: “This is categorically untrue.”

But the newspaper said senior officials had explored the idea with at least one cabinet minister and proposed guidance was expected to be discussed at last week’s Cabinet meeting, which was cancelled after Prime Minister Theresa May faced a leadership challenge.

7.48pm update: Donald Tusk takes HUGE swipe at Brexiteers

The EU chief appeared to question to ethics of Leave voters as he used Brexit to urge politicians to consider what the consequences of their actions would be.

Speaking in Dortmund, Germany, Mr Tusk said he wanted to remind leaders it was the centenary of the end of the First World War, when “sleepwalkers in power” with “hopelessly weak imaginations” led Europe to “catastrophe”.

The European Council president said he wanted to dedicate the words of sociologist Max Weber to the “authors of Brexit”. He used the example of Brexit to urge politicians to consider what the consequences of their actions would be. 

6.30pm update: Brexit could be DELAYED 

Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said Brexit could be delayed if the UK came up with a significantly different proposal.

He told Irish broadcaster RTE: “If there is an entirely new proposal coming from the UK then I think undoubtedly you would need a lot more time for that to be considered on the EU side and that would probably involve an extension of Article 50, or pulling Article 50 for the moment, but I think that would be a big decision for Britain to make and Theresa May has said that she does not want to do that.”

Brexit news: Frank Field MP

Brexit news: Frank Field MP called for Parliament to be given chance to ‘rank Brexit preferences’ (Image: GETTY)

4.48pm update: May;s allies distance themselves from second vote 

Key allies of Theresa May have distanced themselves from reports they are involved in planning for a new Brexit referendum.

The Prime Minister’s defacto deputy, Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington, and Mrs May’s chief of staff Gavin Barwell, indicated they are not in favour of a new EU withdrawal vote.

The move followed reports that Mr Lidington held talks with Labour MPs last week aimed at getting cross-party consensus for a new referendum.

In response, Mr Lidington tweeted a link to last week’s Hansard record of Parliamentary proceedings, where he set out how a second vote was a possibility, but could be “divisive not decisive”.

Mr Barwell tweeted: “Happy to confirm I am *not* planning a 2nd referendum with political opponents (or anyone else to anticipate the next question)”

Education Secretary Damian Hinds insisted Cabinet has not discussed a second EU referendum.

Asked if Cabinet had talked about the issue, Mr Hinds told Sky News: “No. Government policy couldn’t be clearer. We are here to act on the will of the British people clearly expressed in the referendum.”

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3.45pm update: Former minister calls for Parliament to be able to “rank its preferences” over Brexit scenarios

Frank Field, former Minister of Welfare Reform in Tony Blair’s Government between 1997 and 1998 and Independent MP, said: “I am trying to ensure we have an opportunity as soon as possible to register our vote on a range of options, including a reformed Northern Irish backstop, leaving the European Union without a deal, extending Article 50, entering into a future Norway, or Canada-style relationship with the EU, and holding a new referendum.

“The results of voting on each scenario wouldn’t be binding on the Government.

“But they will test opinion to see if any way forward commands a majority amongst MPs.”

2.30pm update: Tory peer brands hard-line Brexiteers “FANATICS” 

Lord Chris Patten branded hard line Brexiters “Maoists and fanatics” during an interview to the BBC. 

He said: “It is impossible to get a deal on the European Union and our relationship with it which is both in the national interest and satisfies the Maoists in the Conservative Party.

“It certainly won’t work with the present deal and however much lipstick you put on a pig it stays a pig.

“The right-wing, the fanatics, are not going to accept it.

“They have been working away like rodents in the basement for years trying to nibble away at the foundations of our relationship with Europe.

“Acting as a party within a party with their own whipping and so on, and they are not going to accept anything which is reasonable.”

Brexit news: Lord Chris Patten branded hard-line Brexiteers 'fanatics'

Brexit news: Lord Chris Patten branded hard-line Brexiteers ‘fanatics’ (Image: GETTY)

1.35pm update: Tony Blair labelled Theresa May “irresponsible” 

The former Prime Minister branded Mrs May “irresponsible” and denied Mrs May’s accusation calling for a second referendum was an “insult” to her office. 

He said: “Far from being anti-democratic it would be the opposite, as indeed many senior figures in her party from past and present have been saying.

“What is irresponsible, however, is to try to steamroller MPs into accepting a deal they genuinely think is a bad one with the threat that if they do not fall into line, the Government will have the country crash out without a deal.”

12.27pm update: Irish foreign minister said UK may “have to PULL Article 50” for the moment 

Simon Coveney, the Irish foreign minister, said Brexit could be delayed to give time to the UK to come up with a different deal that would be approved by both Parliament and the EU. 

Mr Coveney said the UK might have to “pull Article 50 for the moment” or extend it to create time for “an entirely new proposal” on Brexit. 

Brexit news: Simon Coveney said the UK may have to 'pull Article 50' for the moment

Brexit news: Simon Coveney said the UK may have to ‘pull Article 50’ for the moment (Image: GETTY)

12.15pm update: Jeremy Hunt says UK will ‘FLOURISH’ even with a no deal Brexit

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Jeremy Hunt said: “I’ve always thought that even in a no-deal situation this is a great country, we’ll find a way to flourish and prosper.

“We’ve faced much bigger challenges in our history.

“But we shouldn’t pretend that there wouldn’t be disruption, there wouldn’t be risk, and there wouldn’t be impact and that’s why as a responsible Government we have to make all the preparations necessary.”  

This comes amid rumours the Cabinet is at war over the next step to take regarding Brexit, with The Times writing five ministers, including Amber Rudd, are leaning towards a second referendum, while others, including Trade Minister Liam Fox, are ready to face a no deal scenario. 

Brexit news: Jeremy Hunt says the UK will 'flourish' even with a no deal Brexit

Brexit news: Jeremy Hunt says the UK will ‘flourish’ even with a no deal Brexit (Image: GETTY)

11.45pm update: Nicola Sturgeon accuses Labour of blocking Brexit progress

The First Minister of Scotland said she thought that a confidence motion against the Government could succeed in Parliament.

But the Labour Party, being the main opposition party in the Commons, should trigger the vote. 

She said: “I think it is possible that a confidence motion right now could succeed.

“This is a Government that is weak and unstable and becoming more weak and unstable with every day that passes.” 

Ms Sturgeon explained a no confidence motion would “help clarify Labour’s position” even if it failed to topple the Government. 

She continued: “Labour’s position right now is it won’t back a second EU referendum until it has tried and failed to trigger a general election, but if it won’t try to trigger a general election then we’re in this catch-22 position.

“It seems to me right now that Labour is as much of a barrier to making progress on Brexit as the Tories are.”

Brexit news: Nicola Sturgeon accuses the Labour Party of blocking Brexit progress

Brexit news: Nicola Sturgeon accuses the Labour Party of blocking Brexit progress (Image: GETTY)

11.25pm update: Labour Party plans to FORCE the Government to hold the meaningful vote next week

Andrew Gwynne, the party’s policy chief for communities and local government, said Labour will do all it can to force the Government to bring a vote on Theresa May’s deal as soon as next week. 

Speaking at the BBC’s Andrew Marr show he said: “The main thing we want next week is to have that meaningful vote on the Withdrawal Agreement… we want that before Christmas.

“Parliament has to decide whether or not it supports the Prime Minister’s deal and fundamentally until we secure that meaningful vote from the Parliament we can’t move to the next stage.

“We think that’s the next logical step because we want to make sure Parliament has its say on what’s a catastrophically bad deal for this country and then we can move on beyond that.”

He did not offer any detail how Labour would try to force the government to bring the vote forward. 

Brexit news: The Labour Party wants to force the Government to hold a vote on the EU deal next week

Brexit news: The Labour Party wants to force the Government to hold a vote on the EU deal next week (Image: GETTY)

11.10am update: Liam Fox says meaningful vote won’t take place in 2018 

The Trade minister said negotiating concessions on Theresa May’s Brexit deal regarding the backstop will take time. 

He said: “The prime minister is giving an update tomorrow, she will be talking to the cabinet on Tuesday, it is very clear that the EU understand what the problem is.

“And it’s a question now, without unpicking the whole of the withdrawal agreement, can we find a mechanism of operating the backstop in a way that actually removes those anxieties

“It will happen over Christmas, it’s not going to happen this week, it’s not going to be quick, it will happen some time in the New Year.”

Mr Fox also ruled out taking part in a leadership contest against the Prime Minister. 

Asked if he would stand again after taking part in the last two contests, he said: “I think twice is enough for anyone.” 

Brexit news: Liam Fox said the meaningful vote won't take place before 2019

Brexit news: Liam Fox said the meaningful vote won’t take place before 2019 (Image: GETTY)

10.45am update: Jo Johnson says it’s ‘CLEAR’ Theresa May’s deal will be voted down in Parliament 

Former Transport minister Jo Johnson, who resigned in protest of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, said the “time for fantasy renegotiation has come and gone” and is now time for Parliament to vote the agreement the Government has struck and then ask Britons for their opinion. 

Speaking at Sky News, Mr Johnson highlighted what he said are the “flaws” of the current deal, saying: “At the moment we are equal participants but with this deal we will be rule-takers.

“We will be taking all the rules of the single market without having a say in it.” 

Mr Johnson advocates for a second Brexit referendum, saying Parliament should frame the question and let Britons decide between Mrs May’s deal, remaining in the EU and a harder form of Brexit drafted by hard-line Brexiteers. 

He added the Prime Minister is “running the clock”, but Parliament has to vote as soon as possible on her deal, despite being “clear” it will be rejected. 

Mr Johnson said it is too late to think about other deal, such as the Canada+++ or a Norway-style relationship because the UK doesn’t have the time to negotiate them and is not even sure they would be approved by the EU27. 

Brexit news: Jo Johnson says it is clear Mrs May's deal will be rejected by Parliament

Brexit news: Jo Johnson says it is clear Mrs May’s deal will be rejected by Parliament (Image: SKY NEWS)

9.45am update: Government DENIES claim Cabinet is planning for a second referendum

Damian Hinds, the Education minister, said the Government is not planning for a second referendum, denying yesterday’s claims that ministers were looking at such a vote to break the deadlock over Brexit. 

Asked if the government was preparing for a vote, Mr Hinds told Sky News: “No, a second referendum would be divisive.

“We’ve had the people’s vote, we’ve had the referendum and now we’ve got to get on with implementing it.” 

This comes as The Times published an interview with Jo Johnson, where he argued there has been a shift towards the second referendum within the Cabinet. 

The newspaper also claimed five Cabinet ministers, including Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond, were leaning towards a second vote. 

Mr Hinds also described Theresa May’s deal to the leave the European Union as a “balanced” agreement that lawmakers should support.

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