Brexit: Leading British intellectuals unite to nail Remoaner lie of 'thick' Brexiteers

Posted on Feb 19 2018 - 3:13am by admin

The independent and self-funding site will publish analysis and opinions on crucial aspects of the debate, including the positive potential of leaving the European Union.

A mission statement declares: “There is a prevailing media view that all sensible and informed people oppose Brexit. It has even become quite commonplace to associate support for Brexit with low levels of education and intellect and to claim that reason and thought inevitably lead to an anti-Brexit view.

“This is simply not true. Moreover, it is divisive and tends to undermine democratic legitimacy.

“Our aim is to provide a platform for informed analysis and for the expression of opinion which believes that the future welfare of Britain and Europe require that the choice made in the referendum should be fully and positively carried out.” 

Research papers on the site include articles challenging downbeat economic forecasts about Brexit and questioning the claim that the EU is a force for peace. Authors also set out how Brexit is a chance to reduce economic disadvantage in the UK and spell out the dangers of a second EU referendum.

The site founders say some junior academics are scared to join publicly lest they jeopardise their careers in predominantly anti-Brexit academia, reporting that some supervisors paint Brexiteers as racists.

The site is founded and edited by Cambridge University dons Dr Graham Gudgin, an economist at the Centre for Business Research, and Professor Robert Tombs, emeritus professor of French history.

Prof Tombs said founders were motivated by “propaganda” claiming Brexit was going to be terrible, and were also dismayed at the contempt the Remain camp showed Brexiteers.

“Graham and I have working class or lower middle class backgrounds. I do feel you just can’t write off a large part of the population as being unworthy of consideration,” he said.

Contributors from the legal world include former Court of Appeal judge Sir Richard Aikens QC, Baroness (Ruth) Deech, former chairwoman of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and King’s College international law professor Guglielmo Verdirame.

Those from business and finance include personal investment tycoon Dame Helena Morrissey of Legal and General Investment Management and there are also philosophers from Oxford University and King’s College, London, ex-MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, ex-Commonwealth assistant secretary general Sir Peter Marshall and former ambassador Sir Andrew Wood.

Others include historian and journalist Andrew Roberts, Labour peer and political theorist Lord (Maurice) Glasman, and social reformer Pamela Dow, a former Ministry of Justice director of strategy.

“What has brought us together is a firm conviction that Brexit is about reasserting popular control over decision-making in the UK,” the site says.

Conservative MP and leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg also voiced frustration about Remainers’ view of Brexit voters while hosting an LBC radio phone-in yesterday. “I absolutely agree that people knew what they were voting for,” he said. “The British electorate is highly sophisticated and understands these issues.”

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