BREXIT FURY: Leave MP TEARS APART May with eight BRUTAL questions

Posted on May 7 2019 - 8:13am by admin

John Redwood, a Tory MP for Wokingham, published a series of questions that are yet to be answered over the Brexit debacle in which he expresses his shock at having his and is colleagues’ “good advice” ignored. He then demands the UK leave without a deal. Mr Redwood said: “I – and others – offered good advice throughout these negotiations urging the government to be much firmer, to hold to its positions that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and no deal is better than a bad deal to maximise the UK’s negotiating leverage.

“Instead the government at every turn ignored this good advice and sought to weaken or undermine the UK position by making needless concessions too early. The EU soon realised that as long as they refused to budge the UK would surrender on all the things the EU wanted to insist on.”

He added: “It is because the negotiations have been so poor from the UK side that we now must just leave without signing the Withdrawal Treaty. The public understood only too clearly how the UK had to argue its corner and dig in over what we thought was fair. Only the government seemed unable to grasp the basics of how to negotiate.”

He asks a series of questions under eight points on a lengthy blog post, such as “Why did the UK surrender on the money when there is no Treaty base requiring them to do so?”, “Why did the government surrender early on over the issue of negotiating the Withdrawal and the future partnership questions together?” and referring to the Irish border riddle, he asked “Why didn’t the UK say it would not itself be imposing new barriers at the border, and advised the EU to make a similar declaration?”

Other examples of his questions are “Why didn’t the government ever get round to tabling a comprehensive free trade deal?”, “Why did the government abandon the pledge that No deal is better than a bad deal?” and – a pressing question for Brexiteers – “Why did the government tear up its promise that we would leave on 29 March 2019?”

Mrs May had been quoted saying time and time again that Britain would leave on March 29, before she begged for an extension from the EU until April 12 and now, Halloween.

She was also quoted many a time saying “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

She has so far not answered why she has dramatically changed her stance on both of these points, as well as the ones raised by Mr Redwood.

Meanwhile, news has now emerged that Mrs May is conducting secret talks over a second Brexit referendum which would give the British public a choice between a deal, no deal and staying in the EU.

The Daily Telegraph reports Mrs May is said to have worked on “scenario planning”, drawing up possible options if the Government is forced to give MPs a vote on whether a so-called “People’s Vote” should be held.

Government sources said a three-way referendum would only be an option if the talks with Jeremy Corbyn and his team broke down.

The Tories lost more than 1,000 seats in the local elections last week.

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