Boris Johnson to meet powerful Tory group as party plans to 'obliterate Labour forever'

Posted on Jan 12 2020 - 9:53pm by admin

The group believe that their agenda can potentially “obliterate” Labour in its former heartlands and ensure the Conservatives govern for the long term.

The policy agenda drawn up by the Blue Collar Conservatism movement last year, including being more robust on law and order, was at the core of the Conservative manifesto in December and its leaders now plan to build on the early success.

The caucus is expected to decide on what areas it will focus on this year which are likely to be reviving Britain’s high streets, more support for policing, transport issues, the NHS and education.  

Morley and Outwood MP Andrea Jenkyns, who became an early success in the north when she unseated Ed Balls in 2015, said: “We must continue to show this party is on the side of working people by putting workers – whether it’s teachers, paramedics, sole traders and so on – right at the heart of our approach. This group will turn thinktank thinking upside down.”

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