Boris Johnson takes Australian counterpart Julie Bishop on jog around London

Posted on Feb 21 2018 - 8:40pm by admin

The two foreign ministers ran around London’s St James’s Park with Boris in a top with a slogan that supported the pangolin, a scaly, anteater-like mammal native to Asia and Africa that is being hunted for its use in Chinese medicine.

Mr Johnson and Ms Bishop are good friends and she was last year photographed helping Mr Johnson straighten his tie as the pair met in London.

On Monday Ms Bishop said that Australia is “very keen” to do a free trade deal with Britain following the Brexit divorce process.

Later on Tuesday Mr Johnson gave one of his typically spirited replies to questions about the future of trade deals with the European Union.

He said there will be a “great swollen, throbbing, umbilicus of trade” between the UK and EU, adding each side will be “mutually nourishing the other”.

His remarks came as he also defended suggestions of a bridge across the Channel between the UK and France.

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