Big Brother Naija: Viewers react to Miracle and Nina's alleged bathroom sex, Leo calling Alex 'stupid' [Day 27 recap]

Posted on Feb 26 2018 - 2:23am by admin

Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 27.

Check out a recap of day 27, including social media reactions.

Beauty Task

In the spirit of the Saturday weekly house party, Biggie gave the housemates a beauty task.

The make –up challenge required each pair to use only two minutes to complete each other’s make-up.  They had to work as a team and do it at the same time in order to achieve this.

After watching all the Housemates try their best at their dual speed make-overs, Biggie could not decide who the winners were as he said they “all looked beautiful”.

Saturday Party

With DJ Waxxy delivering a diverse range of Nigerian songs, the Saturday house party was a lot of fun, with most of the housemates kitted in denim.

The usual queen of the dance floor, Alex, was present to keep things hot. This time around, she got support from housemates Tobi, Miracle and Ifu Ennada.

Miracle and Nina were seen dancing together at regular intervals, especially to songs with ‘love lyrics.’

 Angel and Ahneeka however were rather chilled, spending most of the night sitting on the side line. Cee-C, who danced mostly all by herself in front of the mirror, could be seen following Tobi around.


Nina and Miracle allegedly have sex

After the house party, an excited Tobi suddenly rushed out, screaming. While he refused to share the reason for his excitement with other housemates, Ifu said the former had walked into Miracle and Nina having a quickie in the bathroom.




Leo and Alex get into a fight

Leo got into a fight with his former strategic partner and love interest, Alex. According to him, she has given housemates, who couldn’t look him in the face the opportunity to disrespect him.

He told his fellow housemates that it is disrespectful for Tobi to walk in when he is having a conversation with Alex, and hold her in his presence.

According to Leo, he doesn’t understand how Alex can claim to love him, but is free with other housemates.
“How many times do Bam Bam and Cee-c allow other guys touch them the way Alex allows everyone touch her?”  – Leo asked.

And when Alex sent for him so they could settle their issue, he asked Cee-C: “Is she stupid?,” a response that got fans reacting on social media.

An emotional Alex broke down into tears as she tried explaining to Leo that there was nothing between her and her new strategic partner, Tobi.

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