Big Brother Naija: The housemates win their wager for the 1st time [Day 18 recap]

Posted on Feb 17 2018 - 7:31am by admin

Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 18.

Check out a recap of day 18, including social media reactions.

Nina loves her ‘poor boyfriend’

During a conversation with fellow housemates Lolu, Dee One and Vandora, Nina revealed that she loves her boyfriend despite his financial status.

According to  her, a real girlfriend is one who understands how much her boyfriend makes and still stands by him during difficult times.

She also added that a lot of girls are too materialistic but that she believes in the vision and not money.

“I don’t believe in rich guys, I believe in guys that have vision. My boyfriend doesn’t have money, but I love him. And I’m proud of him,” she said.

Biggie plays a clip of what happened between Cee C and Lolu

A day after Cee C came under attack on social media for inflicting pain on Lolu during a disagreement, Biggie assembled all the housemates and played a clip of what happened between the two housemates.

There were several reactions to the moment. While some chuckled, others had a straight face, while Cee C’s partner, Tobi, was sobbing.


The housemates win their wager for the first time

The housemates, for the first time after losing their wager two consecutive times, won.

From their costumes to music to effort, the housemates impressed Biggie enough to win 50% of the wager.



Their win came as a surprise to some viewers who thought the performance was worse than the previous weeks.



Biggie punishes Lolu and Cee C

After Biggie told the housemates that they had won their task, he revealed his verdict on the Lolu and Cee C case.

He scolded them for not handling the situation better before giving them  double strikes each. This means that either of them who gets one more strike will be disqualified.

Biggie also said that if they both survive eviction on Sunday, they will officially become strategic partners throughout their stay on the show.

Cee C broke down after Biggie announced his verdict. She also told Tobi that she’s sure Lolu doesn’t have fans, but because she knows she is a strong contender, she hopes not to disappoint her fans.

Viewers didn’t seem to find the verdict funny and took to social media to react.




What was your favourite part of day 18?

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