Big Brother Naija: K Brule jumps off the balcony following Lolu and Anto's kiss [Day 6 recap]

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Big Brother Naija K Brule jumps off the balcony following Lolu and Anto’s kiss [Day 6 recap]

K Brule jumped off the balcony after Anto and Lolu shared a kiss: Here’s a recap of #BBNaija day 6.

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Recap of Big Brother Naija day 6play

Anto kissing Lolu while K Brule watched


Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 6.

Check out a recap of day six, including social media reactions.

1. Ice cream kisses

To spice things up last night, Princess started the Ice Cream Kisses game. She went around with Ice cream and made the female housemates lick it off from some housemates’ body part.

What was supposed to be a simple game kicked off a night of drama.



2. Anto kissed Lolu


During the Ice Cream kissing game, Anto paused her conversation with K Brule to lick an Ice Cream off Lolu’s mouth.

They eventually shared quite a steamy kiss, which they both seemed very much into.

Unfortunately, K. Brule didn’t seem pleased by the kiss.


4. K Brule jumped after Anto shared a kiss with Lolu

After Anto kissed Lolu, K Brule jumped from the 1st floor and sprained his arm.

There have been several theories: While some viewers think he jumped out of heartbreak, others think he was simply drunk.

However, his fellow housemates Bitto and Khloe said he has always been depressed, and had tried taking his life twice.

Anyway, to make K Brule feel better, Anto was made to lick ice cream off his face.

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