Big Brother Naija: Ifu and Bitto share a kiss, Tobi and Bambam bond and Cee C is jealous [Day 16 recap]

Posted on Feb 14 2018 - 10:44am by admin

Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 16.

Check out a recap of day 16, including social media reactions.

1. Dee One gets into a fight with Angel

Dee One and Angel got into a fight after Angel told the former that he couldn’t spend all day sleeping. This was after the head of House assembled the housemates to brainstorm on how to make the day entertaining and Dee One was hesitant.

An angry Dee-One immediately became verbally abusive, saying that no one had the right to tell him that he couldn’t sleep.

The housemates exchanged words for a while, insulting their physical looks and ‘talent.’


2. Biggie reshuffles the pairing again

The theme for the week is bonding and to get the housemates to mingle and understand each other, Biggie has so far reshuffled the pairs thrice this week.

On Day 16, the housemates were given a strict rule of engagement: They were to avoid conversations with any housemate other than their bonded pair.

Here’s the new pairing which will last for 24 hours: Angel and Rico, Bambam and Tobi, Dee-One and Miracle, Princess and Vandora, Bitto and Ifu Ennada, Teddy A and Alex, Leo and Ahneeka, K.Brule and Nina, Khloe and Anto, and Lolu and Cee-C.

Biggie used harnesses to bind Housemates to their partner and they were forbidden from removing it without Biggie’s approval.

They were also required to eat, drink, shower and sleep with the bonds strictly intact for the next 24-hours.

Before the pairing took effect, the Housemates were given just five minutes to say their final words to each other, especially their original pairs.

3. Bitto kisses Ifuennada

Ifu Ennada and Bitto had a good time together as a pair. They spent most of the day cleaning, slow dancing and kissing. 

Their public display of affection had other housemates giggling and even speaking out loud to themselves.


4. Between Lolu, Cee C and Tobi

The drama between Cee C, Lolu and Tobi has to be the most interesting part of the day.

It’s no secret that Lolu and Cee C are not fond of each other, as Lolu has occasionally described her as rude.

Hours into their pairing, the two had nothing to say to each other and simply sat far apart with hilarious looks on their faces.

While Cee C and Lolu ignored each other, her  partner Tobi was having a good time with his new partner Bambam. They talked about their private lives, relationships and other housemates.

Their chemistry had viewers on Twitter rooting for a real relationship between the two.

Hours later, Lolu was able to get Cee C to open up to him. She confessed that she really likes Tobi and is jealous that he took Bambam to their special corner.

Lolu and Cee C stayed up until the early hours of the morning conversing mostly about Cee-c’s love interest in the House, Tobi.







5. Biggie punishes the housemates

Big Brother punished all the pairs except Bambam, Tobi, Khloe and Anto for disobeying his strict instructions and conversing with housemates other than their pairs.

He made them freeze while the Ninjas pulled out the hose pipes and poured water on the Housemates.

While the housemates were being punished, Rico Swavey delivered another meme-worthy moment, Ifu Ennada couldn’t stop screaming, while Teddy A fell down like he couldn’t take it.


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