Big Brother Naija: Evicted contestants share their least favourite housemates

Posted on Feb 27 2018 - 3:51am by admin

Evicted Big Brother Naija contestants have shared their least favourite housemates with Pulse Nigeria.

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, the evicted Princess and Bitto, and the disqualified K.Brule, told Pulse who their favourite and least favourite housemates are.


Check them out:


For me, I think my favourite housemate of all time is Princess. My least favourite housemate is, with all apologies, Khloe.

Not because I don’t like her, but because one moment I met someone who actually offered a shoulder to cry on, and the next moment she was trying to make me look like I was the worst thing on the show.

So I think if she was not in the house, things would have played out differently for me.

Princess shows off her butt Big Brother Naijaplay

Princess shows off her butt Big Brother Naija




I guess my favourite housemate would be – I’m caught in between Anto and Ifu. So if you could put both of them together, they would make one for me. 

For my least favourite housemate, I think I’m still caught between Nina and Leo. This is a bold thing to say given that I have seen the social media comments. But that’s what Princess does, she says what other people don’t say.



My favourite is somewhere between Rico and Angel. But let me say Angel since I want him to win. 

My least favourite: At a time I would say Dee One, based on the fact that some of the jokes he made at my expense, I found Insultive and insensitive.

But coming out, we have come to know each other and I have seen that it wasn’t really from that negative place that I thought.

But while I was in the house, I think it would either be him or my partner (Khloe).


The above-mentioned housemates exited the show on Sunday, February 18, 2018.

During this interview with Pulse Nigeria, they also shared which of the remaining Big Brother Naija housemates they think will win the money.

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