Big Brother Naija: Ahneeka and Angel talk how the pairing affects housemates

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Since the third season of Big Brother Naija kicked off, the housemates  have competed in pairs.

The implication is that if a housemate gets a reward or punishment, his or her strategic partner will also be at the receiving end.

In this interview with Pulse Nigeria, recently evicted housemates, Ahneeka and Angel, talk about the implication of the pairing.

Read interview below:


The pairing thing made it so that, you’re not only looking out for yourself in the game, you’re looking out for someone else, who might or might not buy into your strategy or idea on how to survive in the game. So, it’s crazy.


And since there’s two of you, the odds now are shifting. One person may be liked in the house, while the other may be hated.

So that person’s friends would have to say, “do we put up the guy we hate or do we save the one we like?”

Ahneeka and Angel evicted from Big Brother Naijaplay

Ahneeka and Angel evicted from Big Brother Naija



In the house, you may put up someone because you don’t like them, and then it affects the other pair. But outside, you might save someone just because you like the pair they are with, which is what is happening to a couple of other housemates.

So it works both ways.

Big Brother Naija housemates win wager Day 32play

Ahneeka and Angel during their presentation


Angel was originally paired with Ifu Ennada, while Ahneeka was paired with Rico. After Biggie dissolved the original pairs, Angel chose Ahneeka to be his strategic partner.

Angel and Ahneeka were evicted on Sunday, March 4, 2018.

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