BBC Question Time LIVE: Nigel Farage and Anna Soubry go HEAD-to-HEAD in fiery debate

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Question Time will also feature Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Jonathan Reynolds and Businessman John Mills. With Nigel Farage and Anna Soubry on the panel, this month’s European Parliament elections are likely to dominate the elections. Other topics may include Theresa May’s resignation as well as the cross-party Brexit negotiations. The panel may also discuss the arrival of the newly-named royal baby, Archie and the UK’s links to Chinese tech giant Huawei.

The show will be broadcast on BBC One from 10.35pm.

Follow below for live updates – all times are in BST.

BBC Question Time

BBC Question Time: Fiona Bruce hosts Nigel Farage and Anna Soubry for debate (Image: BBC)

22.59pm update: Farage said the only way out of Brexit is a WTO agreement

Amber Rudd argued with him that he doesn’t fully know the Brexit. 

Mr Reynolds explained to the audience sterling will crash in Brexit and people’s living standards will be affected. 

He hit out at Mr Farage and said his life won’t be affected.

22.53pm update: Farage explains the issue with a no deal Brexit is tariffs

Mr Farage explained the Irish border isn’t a problem because the EU created a no deal 

Ms Soubry accused him of “lies and spin”.

He referenced the £350million on the bus. 

However, Mr Farage said she wasn’t listening.

22.49pm update: Ms Soubry added cross-party talks should have been at the beginning

Mr Farage said we didn’t leave on march 29 because other MPs are trying to thwart Brexit negotiations. 

He added there is a “coalition of Parliament against the people” explaining the deal is worse than being in the EU. 

The QT audience cheered. 

John Mills agreed with Mr Farage’s comments. 

Mr Mills said Labour are losing voters and suggested small changes need to be made to the Brexit deal. 

22.45pm update: Audience member asks should Change UK stand in by-elections?

Ms Soubry said her constituents want a second referendum. 

Jonathan Reynolds said Mrs May needs to change to get a deal through Commons. 

He hits out at Mr Farage’s Brexit policies from the referendum and said it wasn’t as easy to get a deal through. 

He added negotiating with the Conservatives is like negotiating with a “company going into administration”.

22.41pm update: Soubry shouted down for suggesting second referendum

Anna Soubry explained to the audience she believes a second referendum is the only way to get out of the Brexit mess. 

However, there was audience uproar as members of the QT audience heckled the former Conservative MP. 

An audience member asked Soubry why the upcoming EU elections can’t be another referendum. 

She added she will be voting for the Brexit Party in the future which made Nigel Farage laugh.

22.35pm update: BBC Question Time is live! 

The first question is, After a week of great comebacks will Theresa May do the same in getting a Brexit deal through Parliament? 

Anna Soubry straight away said Mrs May can’t.

Ms Soubry said we’re in a “political crisis”. 

She added any Brexit deal put forward will make the country poorer. 

Ms Soubry accused Mrs May of not seizing the moment to get a Brexit deal through Commons.

22.25pm update: Extinction Rebellion protest in car park outside the studio

The climte change activists staged a “die-in” outside the BBC Question Time’s studio. 

Footage shows protestors lying down face first in the carpark, surrounded by yellow and green flags. 

The activists handed out leaflets to the QT audience urging the show to debate climate change instead of Brexit.

Who is Nigel Farage?

Nigel Farage is leader of the Brexit Party.

He previously led Ukip three times.

Mr Farage is the MEP for south east England.

Who is Anna Soubry?

Anna Soubry quit the Conservatives this year to join Change UK.

She is MP for Broxtowe.

Ms Soubry was a business minister in the coalition.

Who is Amber Rudd?

Amber Rudd is the Work and Pensions Secretary.

She was Home Secretary from 2016 to 2018.

Ms Rudd is MP for Hastings and Rye.

Who is Jonathan Reynolds?

Jonathan Reynolds is Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury.

He used to be a lawyer.

Mr Reynolds is MP for Staybridge and Hyde.

Who is John Mills?

John Mills is a businessman and entrepreneur.

He founded consumer products company JML.

Mr Mills was the Chairman of campaign group Labour Leave until 2018.

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