BBC Question Time audience member DESTROYS luvvie Remoaner Brian Cox over Brexit

Posted on Mar 16 2018 - 3:08am by admin

A member of the audience said: “Jean-Claude Juncker again said this week that Britain will regret leaving the EU.

“With this continuing and threatening rhetoric, how does Britain hope to strike any positive deal if the EU seem unwilling to cooperate?”

Brian Cox said: “I think it’s a disaster, I really do.

“If there was ever a time for a united Europe it is now.

“We need to be united we do not need to be separated.

“We are very vulnerable at the moment.

“I do think we brought it upon ourselves. I think the Remain campaign was a total disaster and I think Brexit is a much sexier word than Remain and I think people went along with it more for the word than anything else.

“I just feel at this time we need strength. When you have got what you have in Russia and what’s going on in the country I live in, this country, this Europe, this continent needs to be strong and it’s not being strong.

“All this argy-bargy about what’s going on is just weakening us and Russia is laughing at us, the Russians are absolutely laughing at us.”

But an audience member picked one major hole in the Remoaner’s argument, wryly pointing out: “If you’re so for unity, why are you in favour of a Scottish referendum and Scottish independence?”

A slightly flummoxed Brian Cox replied, while trying to talk over the stormy applause for the audience member’s point: “I’ll answer that, I will answer that.

“We wanted to stay in Europe, we didn’t want to leave Europe.

“Leaving England is a different thing.”

But the audience jeered and groaned at his flippant remark.

Mr Cox carried on: “I will answer it. What’s the question again?”

But David Dimbleby shut down the luvvie, saying: “No, he said it.”

RT presenter and journalist Afshin Rattansi said: “Europe doesn’t allow countries to leave, even after referendums. That’s obvious.

“And the scare stories, we’re talking about the European Union…”

He added, sarcastically: “Who were so quick to come to our support over Salisbury.

“Interesting that, because we were looking for Nato support first.

“There was a vote, and there should be no threats against the British people to stop what the British people want.”

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