‘Bachelor’s Krystal Defends Herself After Being Portrayed As The Villain: I’m ‘Misunderstood’

Posted on Feb 14 2018 - 10:56am by admin

Former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Krystal Nielson recently stopped by Ellentube to spill the tea on what really went down on the show before she got the boot!

Redemption at last? Krystal Nielson got the chance to clear her name after being portrayed as the villain on the current season of The Bachelor. The blonde beauty was interviewed by The Ellen DeGeneres Show staffers, and boy do we have a better understanding on why she behaved the way she did. It was a competition, after all. Since the season opener, Krystal hasn’t been a fan favorite. She rubbed both viewers and her fellow contestants the wrong way, but there seems to be a reason behind it all. Luckily, the Ellen staffers didn’t hold back, and asked her a variety of questions, including whether or not she actually liked Arie Luyendyk Jr. “In a group, he’s a little awkward and uncomfortable. One on one, Arie’s completely different. He’s there for you. He’s very present,” Krystal said. Unfortunately, Krystal and Arie’s relationship didn’t get the chance to fully blossom because she was eliminated during week six.

When asked how it felt to be sent home, Krystal described the moment as upsetting. “I was putting so much effort into him and there was so much sh** in the house and I was just there for Arie and when he changed his mind and… some people might think this is an overreaction, I only had his word. I was pretty much done,” Krystal explained. Before she was eliminated, Krystal infuriated viewers when she aggressively pleaded her case to Arie by begging him to keep her around. To fans, her actions didn’t deserve another rose. Despite this, Krystal did not like how the show painted her in a negative light. “I feel like throughout the whole season, while I was there and even on the show, I just felt really misunderstood. Even when filming in the house. That was really hard– living that and seeing it play back. Especially seeing it play back I was like… that was really hard to relive that,” Krystal continued. She went on to say that she was there for Arie and only him. We can understand that! She had her eyes on the prize, and we don’t blame her.

Nevertheless, Krystal did end up making a few friends. She told Ellentube that although it seemed as though she had a rocky relationship with the other contestants, she’s pretty close with Bekah and Kendall. And, for you eager ladies out there, Krystal also revealed what it was like to lock lips with Arie. “He’s a good kisser, but honestly, I think I’m a better kisser,” Krystal said. Yikes! We definitely didn’t see that one coming.

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