‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Recap: Ben Struggles To Move On & 3 Familiar Faces Show Up

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The third episode of ‘Bachelor Winter Games’ brings lots of tears — and not just from Ashley. Will Ben finally move past his breakup from Lauren B? Here’s our recap!

At the start of the Feb. 20 episode of The Bachelor Winter Games, many of the couples are still going strong: Lesley and DeanKevin and AshleyBibiana and Jordan, Josiah and AllyCourtney and Lily and Luke and Stassi. However, Clare and Christian are still struggling to get past their miscommunication from last week, and it’s pretty clear that Ben and Yuki aren’t anything more than just good friends. This week’s challenge is downhill skiing, which will be quite difficult for some of the competitors, who have never skied before or haven’t hit the slopes in years.

Most of the girls struggle, and Lesley beats Clare out for the win. For the guys, Dean is victorious. Obviously, Dean and Lesley only need one date card between them, so it’s in their hands to decide what to do with the other. They choose to give it to Ashley and Kevin, who have not had a date yet. Over dinner, Ashley brings up the inevitable conversation she always has to have with guys: The fact that she’s still a virgin. Kevin admits that sex is an important part of a relationship for him, but is understanding about Ashley wanting to find a guy who respects her before she takes that next step. The chemistry between them definitely intensifies as the date continues.

Things continue to heat up for Lesley and Dean, too. Last week, she made it clear to him that she needed him to be all-in or she’d move onto someone else, and Dean seems committed to doing that, despite the “playboy” persona he earned on Bachelor in Paradise. Lesley admits she’s not sure she can fully trust Dean, but is ready and willing to take the chance.

Back at the house, Clare and Christian finally get their alone time in the jacuzzi, and she expresses that she wants him to take action and show her how he feels about her. Whether it’s the language barrier or something else, Christian has trouble picking up on Clare’s cues.

Meanwhile, Tiffany realizes that she doesn’t really have much of a chance at coupling up at this point, so she leaves the show. Her decision gets Ben thinking about where he stands. Ben admits that going on dates is like a “chore” to him, and he realizes that he’s not quite ready to get back in the dating game after his breakup from Lauren Bushnell in May. During a sit down with host Chris Harrison, Ben breaks down in tears, and ultimately makes the decision to go home. Michael follows suit, and since Yuki is the only single one left in the house, Chris tells her it’s time for her to go, too.

At the rose ceremony, former Bachelor and Bachelorettes, Arie Luyendyk Jr., JoJo Fletcher and Rachel Lindsay, show up to judge a kissing competition, with two couples going home. While some of the couples have no trouble preparing for the contest, others, like Josiah and Ally, who haven’t gotten super serious, and Christian and Clare, who haven’t even kissed yet, are a bit more worried. Clare tries to reiterate that she wants Christian to take action and make a move, but again, it doesn’t go as she plans. They both decide to leave before taking part in the competition.

Dean and Lesley are up first, and perform a choreographed routine to go with their kiss, which confuses the judges a little. Kevin and Ashley, on the other hand, get a standing ovation. Courtney and Lily aren’t much for PDA, but when their time is up, they deliver. The judges also notice passion and chemistry between Bibiana and Jordan.

As this is all going on, the nerves kick in for Ally, and she rushes off to the bathroom to get sick. Josiah is a gentleman and comforts her through the situation. She pulls it together, though, and after brushing her teeth, they take their turn. Finally, Luke and Stassi are up, and although Stassi isn’t a big fan of the challenge, she goes for it big-time.

Arie, JoJo and Rachel decide that Ashley and Kevin had the best kiss, but sadly, they also have to send one couple home. Ultimately, the trio finds that Josiah and Ally had the least chemistry, and they’re sent packing.

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