B1A4: 5 Things About The K-Pop Boy Band Performing At The 2018 Winter Olympics

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One of the most beloved and successful K-pop bands will light up the stage in Pyeongchang. B1A4 will perform at the Winter Olympics, so get all the details about these idols.

Every day, a different artist or band will headline a performance during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, including Red Velvet, Rose MotelThe Boyz, and more. B1A4 will be taking the stage on Feb. 15, according to Billboard. If they handed out medals for K-Pop bands, B1A4 would get the gold, especially from their fans (known as the BaNa.) Here’s everything you need to know about this group.

1. They made their debut in 2011. It’s been nearly seven years since the five idols of B1A4 — CNU, 26, Jinyoung, 26, Sandeul, 25, Baro, 25, Gongchan, 24, — released their debut EP, Let’s Fly. Since that day, the group — who All Music says their name stands for “Be The One, All For One” – have released three Korean Album, four Japanese albums, and seven EPs. Their last Korean album, Good Timing, was released in 2016. It went to No. 1 in their native land, while reaching No. 9 in the US World Albums chart.

Though, their name could also be a play on their blood types. Baro is the only member in the group with blood type B, according to SBS. The rest of the group has blood type A. So, 4 A-types and 1 B-types equals “B1A4.”

2. They cite will.i.am and AfroJack as influences. B1A4 have toured the United States and when kicking off their 2014 tour, they sat down with Billboard to chat about their biggest musical inspirations. Sandeul picked Bruno Mars, saying that “I fall in love with him every time I watch him again and again.” Baro said he was listening to a lot of AfroJack, while Gongchan said he was grooving on Maroon 5. “Adam Levine’s voice is very sexy.” Jinyoung picked Will.i.am, while CNU said, “In my mind, Usher is still No. 1.”

3. Baro’s younger sister is also a singer. It seems that music talent runs in the family. Baro’s sister, Cha Yoon-ji, debuted in 2017 with the near-impossible-to-Google name I. Her debut EP was entitled I Dream and Baro is happy to support his sibling’s career. “She’s very busy, just like me, so we don’t have a lot of time to talk to each other,” he told Billboard in Feb. 2017. “It’s sad. Sometimes I’ll text with Yoonji, I tell her, ‘This is good’ or ‘You can try [harder].’ I’m really happy to do that. I want to be a good ‘oppa’ [older brother].”

4. The band’s Sandeul has a “bromance” with Jin of BTS. Gongchan appeared on Celebrity Bromance in 2017 and when asked if anyone in B1A4 had a “bromance” with another group, he spilled the tea! “Sandeul is close to BTS’ Jin and Ken from VIXX. When he, Jin and Ken are together, it’s always very loud with laughter. I wish the three of them would broadcast that on television to show everyone,” he said. Well, no one would object to that show, surely!

5. They are involved in philanthropy. When holding their second stand-alone concert, B1A4 made a request for their fans, according to Soompi. Instead of wreaths, which are the custom for concerts and other events “of similar magnitude,” the lads of B1A4 requested fans send school supplies to be donated to children. The group worked with the “Donor’s Camp” charity foundation to support the education of children in need.

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