Are Beyonce & JAY-Z Announcing A New World Tour? Fans Freak Over Mysterious Ticketmaster Listing

Posted on Feb 23 2018 - 9:27am by admin

After Beyonce dropped a surprise remix, fans uncovered hints that she and Jay-Z might be going on tour together! Needless to say, the Beyhive is buzzing!

It’s time to be crazy in love all over again. Beyonce, 36, and JAY-Z, 48, might be going on tour together. “A page for “Beyoncé & Jay Z” has appeared on Ticketmaster UK’s official website!” Twitter user @YonceHub (a Beyonce fan account) tweeted on Feb. 21. A fan @yonceslay04 chimed in the replies. “USA too.” While this doesn’t confirm that Bey and JAY are going on tour together, it does hint that this couple is planning something big.

Honestly, the reaction was mixed. Beyonce fans were not thrilled over the idea of having to sit through a JAY-Z set in order to see the “Formation” singer perform. Few seemed really excited for what could be the “On The Run Pt. 2″ tour. Sure, Jay had some of his defenders, but Twitter user @_teyonceknowles seemed to sum up the Beyhive’s attitude with a single tweet: “Do I want Bey to go on tour with jay? Absolutely not… Will I still empty my bank account on some tickets if she does? You bet the f*ck I will.” So, win?

Perhaps the diminished response was due to the fact the Beyhive heard about this rumored tour a month ago. Laura Stylez of Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning reported on this possible tour on Jan. 4, according to BET. “So, this a rumor. I have my sources, OK. So, don’t ask me any questions,” she said “And again, it’s a rumor. I heard, that somebody told, that somebody told me, that somebody told me that The Carters – Jay-Z and Beyoncé – might (this is a might) be announcing a tour very soon.” If Ticketmaster’s listing were correct, this would be the second time Bey and JAY went on tour together. They famously held the On The Run Tour in the summer of 2014, reportedly generating more than $ 100 million in ticket sales.

As Ticketmaster was running this possible surprise, Beyonce was busy dropping new music. Or, at least, a new version of a song. She released a trap version of her 10-year-old track “Sweet Dreams.” Similar to the rumors of the possible joint tour with her husband, Beyonce’s remixed songs elicited mixed reviews from her fans. Some seemed to call it “background music” while others said the original was better. Huh. Fans can be so fickle.

HollywoodLifers, would you be excited for a joint Beyonce-JAY-Z tour?

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