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Angola: Sonangol Expresses Concern About Demonstrations

Angola: Sonangol Expresses Concern About Demonstrations

Luanda — National Fuel Society of Angola (Sonangol) is following with concern some protests held in front of its headquarters building, allegedly staged by ex-workers from the companies with which it maintained a contract for a certain period.

The State oil company’s concern is expressed in its press release, where it denies having direct links with the protesting workers and says that the compensation required by the companies had fully been paid.

According to the company, such rallies are devoid of the legality and are being fuelled by unquestioned individuals.

In document, the Sonangol said that it maintained a contractual relationship, for a fixed period, with some companies, including Angola Offshore Services, HR Services, Comassica and Interserviços.

In 2018, the country’s socio-economic situation, the restructuring of the oil sector and the consequent regeneration of Sonangol, forced the company to suspend some services, which led to the termination of contracts with the aforementioned companies.

In accordance with legal rules, Sonangol reported that all legal requirements inherent to the termination of the contractual relationship have been met.

They include communication within the recommended periods and fair compensation.

Likewise, it says, compensation was made to the companies, under the terms of the contracts, and in their turn, they did so to their workers, according to the documents held by the parties involved.

It explained that some employees with the said companies, who worked for Sonangol Distribuidora, under the term of contract, claim to be victims of injustice.

They claim the fact that the oil company has absorbed, in view of given qualifications – the age and performance – a certain number of employees of the said companies.

Sonangol justifies that the integration of those workers meet specific criteria and aimed to fill sensitive functions in certain units. This action is completely independent of the contracts with the mentioned companies and with their respective employees, said the document.

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