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Angola: Prodesi Approves 599 Projects

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Luanda — Five hundred and ninety-nine projects have been approved from 2019 to the present, as part of the exercise by the financial instruments of the Production Support, Export Diversification and Import Replacement Programme (Prodesi).

The data were released on Tuesday by the Secretary of State for Planning, Milton Reis.

Speaking at a briefing promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Milton Reis mentioned that the approved projects amount to AKz 456 billion, predicting creation of about 53,000 new jobs.

He mentioned some banking institutions that have approved projects for the productive sector over the last week.

They include banco de Negocios Internacional, with 24, banco de Desenvolvimento Africano (06), banco Angolan de Investimentos (02), banco Economic0 (02), banco Fomento Angola (01), banco Prestigio (01), banco Sol (01), banco do Comercio e Industria (01), banco Credito do Sul (01) and Caixa de Angola (01).

He said that the sectors with projects approved by Prodesi are Agriculture, with 271, Commerce and Distribution (168), Manufacturing Industry (102), Livestock (25), Sea Fishing (14), Aquaculture (14) and Continental Fishing (5).

As for the provinces, Milton Reis said that Luanda tops the list of projects approved, with 142, followed by Huambo (55).

The list includes the provinces of Benguela (46), Huíla (41), Bié (38), Cuanza Sul (38), Uíge (32), Cabinda (27), Cunene (27), Bengo (24), Zaire (22), Moxico (20), Malanje (19), Lunda Sul (18), Cuando Cubango (17 ), Cuanza Norte (12), Namibe (11) and Lunda Norte (10).

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