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Angola: Diplomat Points Out Angola As Potential Regional Economic Centre

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Beijing — The Angolan ambassador to China, João Salvador Neto, looks forward to the transformation of Angola into an important regional economic centre in Africa, taking into account the abundance of its natural resources.

In its last Wednesday´s interview in Beijing in the Chinese television station (CGTN), the diplomat indicated that the geographical position of Angola and the abundance of natural resources can make the country become an important economic regional centre in Africa.

“We hope that Angola will become a true regional centre and that we can make full use of our natural resources and geographical advantages to benefit the entire continent”, he mentioned.

He recalled that, to achieve this goal, the country has devoted more attention to building infrastructure, which aim to facilitate economic development and the flow of people and goods at regional level.

On his perspective, these projects, of a sub-regional character, will facilitate the connection with other countries, within the framework of the Chinese international cooperation initiative.

The Angolan diplomat recalled that China has always been a friendly country that, in addition to providing diverse support during the national liberation struggle, supported the reconstruction of Angola in the post-civil war.

“China has provided loans and many Chinese companies have been involved in construction of important infrastructure for economic development and well-being of the Angolan populations”, he clarified.

During his interview at CGTV, the ambassador stressed aspects linked to the new business environment in Angola, the initiatives on the diversification of the economy, innovation and modernization, says a press release from the Angolan diplomatic mission in Beijing.

According to João dos Santos Neto, Angola needs China’s investment to diversify its economy and develop the country, recalling that cooperation between the two countries is important and mutually beneficial.

In answering the question about investor concerns about corruption in Angola, the diplomat assured that the Angolan Executive, led by President João Lourenço, has taken firm and energetic measures to suppress this evil.

CGTN is the international channel of China’s state television station CCTV. It has production in Beijing, Washington D.C. (United States of America), London (United Kingdom) and Nairobi (Kenya).

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