‘American Crime Story’ Recap: Andrew Savagely Murders A Friend & Former Lover

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‘American Crime Story’ travels back in time to Andrew Cunanan’s final days in Minneapolis. Andrew finally snaps and kills two of the people closest to him. Let’s break down this week’s episode.

This episode starts out on April 27, 1997, exactly one week before Lee Miglin’s murder. Andrew is in the midst of an argument with David Madson, his former lover. Andrew is acting closed off and robotic. David goes downstairs to get their friend Jeff Trail. David tells Jeff that Andrew proposed. Jeff seems indifferent to Andrew. “He knows about us,” David says to Jeff, who doesn’t believe it. Jeff never wants to see Andrew again. He’s just here to get his gun back from Andrew. But Jeff walks right into his own grave. Andrew attacks Jeff with a claw hammer the second he walks through the door. Andrew hits him over and over again. Jeff’s blood spatters everywhere.

David watches it all go down in horror. Afterwards, Andrew calmly walks over and hugs David. He tries to comfort David. Andrew pulls David into the shower to clean him. “Are you going to kill me?” David asks. Andrew says no, but you can tell David doesn’t believe him. David starts to freak out and wants to call the police. David gives Andrew some space, but when he walks into the living area later, Andrew still hasn’t called. Andrew starts spinning a narrative that could implicate David in the crime. This is David’s apartment, and David is the one who brought Jeff up in the first place. David calls 911, and that’s the first time Andrew seems uneasy. He quickly pulls his gun out and waves it in front of David, which pushes David to hang up the phone.

Andrew says the police will see two suspects, not two victims. David just wants to call his dad. Andrew manipulates David every which way and won’t let him leave. David suddenly realizes that walking the dog could be his way out. As David and Andrew try to leave the apartment, they both realize Jeff’s body is still lying there after Andrew slaughtered him. Andrew doesn’t waste any time grabbing a rug and rolling Jeff’s body up in it. Andrew tells David to look away. David helps him move Jeff’s body across the apartment. Andrew cleans up the blood, and David just watches completely shell-shocked. Andrew stresses that no one else will get hurt as long as David stays by his side.

David’s co-worker Linda comes to check on him after he doesn’t show up to work. When the landlord opens the door, David and Andrew are gone. Detectives Tichich and Jackson arrive. They think the body is David’s body. Linda tells them about Andrew. When she says David’s hair is blond, Tichich checks the body and finds the victim as brown hair. Tichich thinks it’s actually Andrew! He believes David is still alive and the police don’t have a search warrant for the apartment, so the whole case could be compromised. The detectives think David is the killer. But David’s never been a killer. David has never been able to take a life. The body is taken the coroner, and the police finally figure out that Jeff is the one who’s dead.

Andrew acts like nothing is wrong now that he and David are on the run. He says that he knows Lee Miglin in Chicago. “He owes me,” Andrew admits, before adding that Lee will give them money to get to Mexico. David worries about how this will impact his parents. When the police confront his parents, they’re adamant David had nothing to do with Jeff’s murder.

Andrew and David stop at a bar. David thinks about escaping through the bathroom window, but it’s almost as if he’s accepted his fate. Meanwhile, Andrew is crying over a performance of The Cars’ “Drive.” In these brief moments, the broken Andrew finally reveals himself as a lonely and desperate man. David comes back to the table and holds Andrew’s hands.

David looks back on the moment he told his dad he was gay. His dad didn’t agree with David’s lifestyle, but his love for his son meant more than his pride. “I love you more than I love my own life,” David’s dad told him.

David wakes up in his car in the middle of the woods. Andrew is off in the distance. At a diner, David talks about when he met Andrew. He wanted to live like Andrew once upon a time. But now he knows it was all lies. David confronts Andrew about killing Jeff, who had figured out the kind of man Andrew really is. Andrew is still living in a dream world and refuses to accept reality. David embraces his anger. He knows that Andrew wanted him to watch Jeff die. He pushes Andrew to his breaking point. Andrew points the gun at David’s chest and starts rambling about their future. This new side of David didn’t fit into Andrew’s plan.

Andrew pulls off near a lake and points his gun at David. He wants David to convince him why he should let him live. David is shaken to his core. “Why couldn’t you run away with me?” Andrew asks. This life that Andrew has envisioned isn’t real. They have to go to the police. David gets his chance to escape and runs inside a nearby trailer. When he runs through the door, he sees his father. In reality, Andrew shoots David square in the back as he tries to escape. He doesn’t stop there. As David gasps for breath, Andrew shoots him again in the eye. Andrew lies with David’s body for a while, and then leaves David there to rot.

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