Amber Rudd says she will BACK Boris Johnson for Tory leadership as she RULES herself out

Posted on May 25 2019 - 5:15am by admin

The Work and Pensions Secretary said she remains open to the idea of a “Bamber” joint leadership with the former Foreign Secretary in next month’s battle to take over from Theresa May. Ms Rudd also said she could become Mr Johnson’s Chancellor saying she “would like to lower taxes – we have to be the low tax party because people have certain expectations and they need to be able to look after their own money”. She also commented on the row over the UK’s new 5G network saying, “we should be able to do business with China and Huawei”.

Ms Rudd also said during the 2016 referendum that she would not like Mr Johnson to drive her home.

However, during an interview with The Daily Telegraph Ms Rudd said Mr Johnson was not offended and they get on well.

Ms Rudd added: “I have worked with him before. He was Foreign Secretary, I was Home Secretary. We were able to work together.”

She also said she has ruled herself out of standing for a spot in Number 10 after saying last month that the door was “slightly ajar” to her standing.

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She said: “I am conscious that the Conservative party wants to have someone who they believe is very enthusiastic about Brexit.

“I still think it is a difficult job to do but we can do it, we can make a success of it.

“There are all sorts of plans I would like to have when we do leave the European Union but I don’t think it is my time at the moment.”

Ms Rudd has refused to reveal who she backs until her newly launched One Nation group of 70 Tory MPs has had its own leadership contest.

She said: “We want to hold back before committing anybody because we want to interrogate them on the policies.”

Ms Rudd has applied the One Nation principle to her own department.

From next week, a quarter of a million disabled pensioners won’t have to undergo checks to receive benefit payments.

Ms Rudd also said the next Conservative Party leader needs to be practical with how they leave the European Union.

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She said: “I would like to see somebody who is straight with the British people who says ‘I believe in the sovereignty argument.

“I am going to do it this way because I want to protect businesses and the economy and I want the money to invest in social justice and schools.

“Even as somebody who campaigned for remain I can see the positive things we can do.

“I would much rather us say ‘these are the good things we can do once we have left the European Union rather than ‘we have to deliver it because you voted for it’. That always seems a bit sour.”

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