Album Review: On “One People, One World,” Femi Kuti brings his activism into the Buhari and Trump era

Posted on Feb 26 2018 - 9:40am by admin

Album – One People, One World
Artist – Femi Kuti
Record Label – Knitting Records (2018)
Duration – 51 minutes

This is part-rant, part-plea. From start to finish, Femi Kuti takes on all our collective conscience as a people and continent to remind us of all the greatness and ideal that we have to live up to.

Femi Kuti is in his 10 album. “One People, One World”, the 12-track project released under Knitting Records, comes from where all of his art does; a desire to see the lot of Africa improve, its people happy, justice served, and the world better for it.

Working his through Afrobeat, his sacred genre, the son of Fela Kuti, doesn’t approach his sermons from the big picture only. For every time he calls on a collective sense of peace and inclusion (‘One People, One World’). He is also speaking directly to us as individuals and canvassing for change on a personal and micro-level (‘Best to live on the good side’).

Felabration 2016 grand finaleplay

Felabration 2016 grand finale

The horns of ‘Na their way be that’ are piercing, and so is the energy and message of it. ‘Dem Don Come Again’ with its refrain of “They use religion and the word of God to do their bad, bad things” and ‘Dem Militarize Democracy’ also throws the web of activism wider than politicians and big business. The doom and gloom ease up momentarily on ‘Equal Opportunity’, and ‘The way our lives go’. Positivity lives here.

With “One People, One World,” Femi Kuti brings his activism into the Buhari era, the Trump era, and the ‘woke’ era. Evil and injustice continue to drive society, where crooks and oppressors control power, enrich a few and hoard wealth. It’s a reminder of how we can all be as a people with love, fairness and care.

Rating: 4.5/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

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