Aaron Rodgers Presumed Out For NFL Season With Injury: Will Packers Sign Kaepernick?

Posted on Oct 16 2017 - 5:11pm by admin

With Aaron Rodgers potentially out for the season with a broken collarbone, it leaves the Packers without their star QB. So, will the call on backup, Brett Hundley? Or, will they pick up a free agent, such as Colin Kaepernick? Here’s the deal…

Aaron Rodgers, 33, could miss the rest of the 2017-18 after he suffered a broken clavicle during week 6 of the NFL season. With Rodgers side-lined, the Green Bay Packers could be in trouble; Remember what happened when Rodgers broke his collarbone in 2013? — During a 7-week absence, the Packers went 2-4-1 without Rodgers. Now, some fans have speculated that Colin Kaepernick, 29, could be up for the job. However, a source close to the Packers tells HollywoodLife.com that Kaepernick is not an option for Green Bay.

“With the unfortunate injury to Rodgers, lots of things are on the table for the Packers; there’s options of trades or pick ups of a free agent. But, one person who will not get a chance to play for the Packers is Colin Kaepernick,” the source reveals exclusively. “The team does not even want to entertain giving him a tryout.” Moving forward, the Packers will turn to their backup QB, Brett Hundley, 24.

With Rodgers out, all eyes are on Hundley. Now, the UCLA grad must carry the Packers, who are currently 4-2, moving forward. He’s been training under Rodgers, behind the scenes, so fans are hoping for an easy transition for the young player. Unfortunately, the Packers suffered a loss to the Vikings, 23-10, on Sunday, after Hundley took over for the last three-plus quarters.

Nonetheless, Hundley promises, “I’ll prepare and I’ll be ready.” In a press conference after the game, Hundley said he told Rodgers he loved him before the veteran was carted off the field. “I’ve got him, and we’ll go from here.” This is Hundley’s chance to prove that he can be a star QB in the NFL, and he says he’s been waiting for this time in his career. “I’ve been preparing for this moment for a long time now,” he said. “Obviously we didn’t get the job done today, but we’ll be better. We’ll be better…. “I’ll be better, especially with a full week to prepare. I believe in my offense.” The Packers are set to play the Saints on Sunday, Oct. 22, and Hundley understands that this situation is all part of the game of football.

“I love football. I love this sport. I know what comes with it. I know there’s injuries in the game,” he continued, adding, “For me, it’s an opportunity. Unfortunately, Aaron got injured, but it’s part of football.

And, it’s not a surprise to many that Kaepernick is not an option for Green Bay. The former 49ers QB is currently a free agent, since he opted out of his contract with the team in March 2017. He garnered attention and made headlines in the 2016 season by not standing for the national anthem in Sept. [2016]. Since then, Kaepernick has been unable to land a job in the NFL, with some even claiming he’s been blackballed from the league and its teams, individually.

Now, as of Oct. 2017, he’s filed a grievance under the latest collective bargaining agreement against NFL owners for collusion, his attorney, Mark Geragos said.

 HollywoodLifers, do you think the Packers can stay afloat without Rodgers?

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