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A – Z of better sex (by a sex therapist)

A – Z of better sex (by a sex therapist)

Anticipation: It’s a powerful aphrodisiac.

Break out of old routines and make a specific date for making love. Build a sense of excitement by slipping a sexy message into his wallet, or phoning him at work beforehand.

Breathing: Tune in, listen to the rise and fall of his breath as you make love and discover what really turns him on.

Calories: Need a reason to make love? A single passionate kiss can burn 12 calories and 20 minutes of energetic sex burns up to 160!

Daytime Sex: Taking a rainy afternoon off work-to make love feels so naughty you’ll be smiling for days.

Educate each other: Despite all the films we’ve seen and the books we’ve read, no one knows it all. A willingness to listen and learn will reap-many rewards.

Fidelity: Faithfulness creates a trusting environment – one in which you can relax, explore and savour sex even more.

Giving:Good sex is about give and take. Talk to each other. Ask about his secret desires and tell him yours.

Honest: Don’t take it. If you’re not achieving orgasm, gently explain what you need in order to get there.

Interlude: A build up increases pleasure, so have the odd ice cream or wine break before you go for full intercourse.

Jealousy: Don’t let wild imagining ruin things for you and discuss any problems before they destroy your love.

Kissing: Don’t limit yourself to lips- try the neck eyelids, toes and earlobes. Laughter: If you can laugh together, in and out of bed: you’re well on your way to being a good couple.

Mid-cycle sex: Research has shown that around ovulation, women feel much sexier and are keener to take the initiative in bed.

Nipples: When women are aroused, the diameter of their nipples can increase by half a centimetre, and breast can swell up to 25 per cent bigger than their normal size.

Orgasms: These get better with age. Ninety per cent of women over 45 report they regularly experience orgasms through love-making, and have more multiple orgasms.

Privacy: If there are children in the house, ensure that you won’t be disturbed. Shut the bedroom door or fix a lock.

Quickie: Sex doesn’t always have to be a marathon. Ring the changes.

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