A ‘This Is Us’ Character May Be Getting Terminal Cancer Before Season 2 Ends

Posted on Feb 21 2018 - 6:33am by admin

‘This Is Us’ fans might need a second box of Kleenex, as a beloved character could end up with a terminal cancer diagnosis before season 2 ends. We’ve got the details.

The chances of ever making it through an episode of This Is Us without weeping just grew even slimmer. A blind item seems to be pointing towards one of the show’s beloved characters finding out they have a deadly form of cancer before season two ends. Our sister site TV Line is SO in the know when it comes to what’s going on behind the scenes and on Feb. 20 posted the following BI: “An extremely popular broadcast drama that’s been on the air for less than three seasons is eyeing a season-ending plot that would find a pivotal character being diagnosed with terminal cancer.”

Fans immediately narrowed it down to This Is Us, as there aren’t a whole lot of extremely popular dramas on network TV as cable and streaming is where the hits are. And the NBC show lives for pulling at the heart-strings of viewers so putting a character and the Pearson family through yet another heartbreak seems about par for the course. We’ve already seen Jack’s tragic death, Kate’s devastating miscarriage and Kevin’s rock bottom of substance abuse so far this season. Now fans think that it will be Randall’s turn for agony as some are speculating that his wife will be the one to get the terminal cancer diagnosis should the showrunners go in that direction.

In the show’s last episode before NBC began airing the 2018 Winter Olympics, we saw Randall and his daughter in a flash forward — something the show has never done — but wife Beth was nowhere to be seen. Because of that fans are now speculating that she could be the one that gets the death sentence. Nearly all of the commenters guessed This is Us as the show in question, with replies such as, “I should hope not…those poor people have been through enough this season.” Another wrote, ” Beth from ‘This Is Us.’ She wasn’t in the flash forward. I also wonder if her feeling sick with the pregnancy scare in season one was hinting at some other health issue.” Well, it is a blind item so it could be another show besides This Is Us. But knowing how heartbreaking drama drives the show, it seems like a good guess.

HollywoodLifers, do you think the blind item is about This Is Us? If so, would it break your heart if Beth got diagnosed with terminal cancer?

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