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A Guide To Creating Rhinestone Eye Makeup LooksGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

A Guide To Creating Rhinestone Eye Makeup LooksGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

A Guide To Creating Rhinestone Eye Makeup Looks

Eye makeup has evolved beyond single eyeshadow use to cut creases, pastel looks, and graphic loners. This new trend in eye makeup has paved the way for what is now becoming popular in light, and dramatic eye makeup looks; bejewelled eye looks.

Shimmer eyeshadow is sometimes said to have paved the way for a rhinestone or bejewelled eye makeup. Regardless of what occasion you’re headed to, rhinestone eye makeup adds to the touch of glitz you need.

We have created a guide to applying gems and rhinestones to create perfect eye makeup and how to rock them.

Different Rhinestone Eye Makeup Looks
There are different ways to pull off rhinestone eye makeup looks. Here are 6 rhinestone eye makeup looks to try:

For a statement eye makeup look, there’s only one way to get that, and that is to adorn your eyelids with beautiful gems. This a bold eye makeup look that would also look great in Instagram selfies.
Take the rhinestone eyelid makeup look up a notch by forming a base with a shimmering eyeshadow of your choice before adding the rhinestones.

Brow Bone
For accent looks, consider using rhinestone gems to line your brow bone. You can choose a simple look by using a single row of rhinestones or go the extra mile by staring from your crease to your arch for a more intricate design.

Another rhinestone eye makeup idea is a gem-lined crease. Create a cut crease look using rhinestones as an accent. Place them carefully using the gems to define and highlight your creases, giving a new look to cut creases. For the perfect contrast, be sure to pair your gem crease with a matte lid.

Another rhinestone eye look to create is an under-eye gem makeup look. Gently place the rhinestones below your eye, placing them across your lower lash line. You can either place them in a single line or create an elaborate design. Think of this as another way to hide your eye under bags.

For lovers of glitter brows, gem eyebrow looks are just as beautiful. Think of filling in your eyebrows but instead of using a brow gel using gems. These glittering rhinestones add another meaning to eyebrows on fleek.

Eyeliner Accent
Another way to pull off graphic liners is a rhinestone eyeliner accent look. To create this look, create a sharp eyeliner wing and line up gems along the wing.

Applying Gems To Your Face
When creating a rhinestone eye look, placement is very important. Creating a rhinestone eye look doesn’t just end there; you have to make sure all the gems and stones you use stay in place for as long as you need them to.

To create a rhinestone eye makeup look, you’ll need a piece of paper, cosmetic adhesive, tweezers, rhinestone, and gems. Start by outlining what you want your eye makeup to look like, this would direct you on the careful placement of your gems.

Step One
The Adhesive: the first step to creating rhinestone eye makeup look is to choose a proper glue. Opt for a skin-friendly glue, one that is sticky enough, water, and sweatproof. There are specifically formulated glues for cosmetic looks that are less likely to irritate your skin.

The trick to a clean long lasting rhinestone eye makeup look is the adhesive you use as a base. Once you have made your glue choice, squeeze a bit of glue onto a piece of paper.

Step Two
Picking Up The Gems: with your glue on paper and easily accessible, the next step is much easier. Pick up each gem piece by piece using a pair of tweezers. It is advisable that you pick up gems individually as it is a lot easier to handle this way.

Step Three
Applying The Gems: finally, the last step is to apply the rhinestones on your face. Do this by holding a gem with your tweezers, dipping the gem into the glue, and carefully place it where you’d like it to sit.

Finally, creating rhinestone eye makeup looks are a welcome change in makeup for the new decade. These eye makeup looks to add another meaning to natural and glamorous makeup looks, gradually becoming a makeup essential.

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