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7 Secret Beauty Tips You Never Knew You NeededGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

7 Secret Beauty Tips You Never Knew You NeededGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

7 Secret Beauty Tips You Never Knew You Needed

Several skin care products and routines have become increasingly popular in the pursuit of radiant and perfect skin. This is mostly because vibrant, radiant skin is a real confidence booster.

In trying to look your best, there are beauty secrets that you might have missed, and what better way to know about them than reading this piece containing beauty tips you never knew you needed. Here are seven beauty tips you never knew you needed:

Collagen Supplements
Collagen is of uttermost importance to the body, playing a major role in skin strengthening. As we age, the body produces less collagen, which leads to dry skin, often manifesting as wrinkles. Collagen Supplements fill this void by stimulating the body to produce collagen on its own.

These collagen supplements are full of amino acids proven to help in slow ageing of the skin. Aside from its wrinkle-reducing effects, these collagen supplements also stimulate an increase in hair and nail growth. These benefits make the regular intake of collagen supplement a sought after beauty secret for a healthy, radiant, translucent complexion.

Facial Massage
Just the same way your body needs regular massages, so also does the face. Facial massage not only helps to promote healthy skin, but it also aids proper relaxation of facial muscles. The good thing about this exercise is; it doesn’t require an expert to indulge in.

A few minutes’ daily facial routine with the aid of a face roller, flat gua sha tool, or lotions and oils will help lessen tension and increase circulation leading to an overall improved skin appearance. The soothing and reinvigorating effect helps one come off improved and younger. Now, who wouldn’t want to indulge in that?

Double Cleansing
Just like the name implies, double cleansing means thorough washing of the face with the aid of two facial cleansers. Here is the catch, two facial cleansers here implies two different cleansers to get desired results.
To double cleanse properly, start with an oil-based cleanser first, followed by a water-based cleanser. Why is this necessary? Oil-based cleansers are designed to eliminate oil-based impurities which include makeup, pollution amongst others. Getting rid of these barriers makes the water-based cleanser penetrate its way into the skin, eliminating sweat and smut.

By double cleansing, you are not just removing impurities thoroughly from your skin, but you are also revitalizing your skin, allowing other skincare products to penetrate rapidly and effectively. Double cleansing is also helpful for acne-prone individuals as it eliminates bacteria responsible for breakouts.

Dump Body Sponges
This might come as a rude shock considering the widespread usage of sponges and the supposed benefits attached to them.

Sponges are widely used and one of the top shower accessories used in cleaning and exfoliating the skin. They might seem like the best choice for thorough cleansing of the body, but they have been proven as carriers of bacteria that can give room to sickness in the body.

Dead skin cells hanging around in a moist place is a getaway for dangerous bacteria to grow and multiply. Sponges can also be irksome and tough for certain skin types leading to irritation and redness. It is advised that you switch up from using a sponge to a soft washcloth.

Cleansers Over Scrubs
Exfoliating is an important step in achieving younger and radiant skin. Exfoliating helps unclog closed pores and clean them, getting rid of dead skin cells to reveal more vibrant skin. Exfoliating also gives room for other skincare products to penetrate the skin faster, letting them do their work twice better.

However, many people tend to exfoliate every day, a routine that is harmful to the skin, especially delicate parts like the face. Facial scrubbing can lead to irritation, redness, dryness, and even wounds as they are considered too harsh for the skin.

Cleansers should replace facial scrubs as they do the work better and even faster. The face is extremely delicate and should be treated the right way.

Vitamin C Alternatives
Vitamin C serums have become a widely recommended and accepted skincare product and rightly so. The benefits of these Vitamin C serums include skin brightening, even skin tone, collagen production, and reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, amongst others. While this is highly attractive and commendable, it is imperative to note that Vitamin C serums are not favourable to those with sensitive skin.

For sensitive skin, using a vitamin C serum can lead to redness and irritation amongst other skin-related tragedies. If this is the case for you, not to panic, there are several other alternatives with similar work and even better. While you must see a dermatologist for product recommendations for your skin type, one Vitamin C alternative to consider is NIACINAMIDE.

As the Vitamin C serum, Niacinamide is a potent antioxidant with milder features for brightening the skin, evening out uneven skin tone, and reducing wrinkles. It is highly recommended for everyone, even those sensitive skins.

Armed with your dermatologist’s recommendation, you should also take some time out to try these recommendations and see how they come out.

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