5 songs for Nigeria’s Presidential Inauguration

Posted on May 29 2019 - 2:37pm by admin

All factors that make a state work are failing in Nigeria, but still, we fight and live so we don’t get depressed and die like chicken. Today is another inauguration for President Muhammadu Buhari second term in office. As it happens, here are five songs that he should listen to;

Sound Sultan – 2010

Mood: Flashback

Before 2010, the Nigerian leader rhetoric was targeting 2010. As you know, that didn’t end well. So, in the first days of 2010, Nigerian legend, Sound Sultan tapped another legend, M.I Abaga for this beautiful, Jay Sleek-produced song that aimed to remind our leaders of how ‘2010’ was just them deferring and doing nothing.

Like leaders pre-2010, our current President has only paid lip-service to important issues, deferring solutions while problems fester. While we’re nine years from 2010, Nigeria is still plagued by similar problems at a worse rate. This one is to remind our President of his failed promises over the past four years, like the leaders pre-2010.

What a shame. 2019 don show, Mr. Buhari. What have you done?

Nneka – My Soul Is Heavy

Mood: Pain

Being a Nigerian living in Nigeria is near-synonymous with extreme emotions. This one is an emotive tune about the struggles of Nigerians and the pain associated with such. People work, but the pain subsists in every little thing from terrible amenities to stumbling blocks when you apply for a Canadian visa.

The soul of any Nigerian deserves to be heavy.

Fela – Beasts of No Nation

Mood: Accusation

Asides the fact that the bulk of those Fela used to abuse still rule us, we need to talk about how the unnecessary party biases and terrible political alliances and allegiance still rule and decide the fate of an entire nation of 200 million people.

This is the angry mood that we might require in this country.

Timi Dakolo – Great Nation

Mood: Caveat

Even through the pain, anger and anguish, one must understand that Nigeria is still a great nation that suffers from mismanagement and a gross lack of visionaries and direction. Pre-1977, Nigeria was a wealthy nation that could have been anything.

Even now, 42 years after 1977, Nigeria still has potential. Although we have patent tribal divides, we have enough to succeed as a nation that is slowly gravitating towards a majority of millennials.

We need to have this belief that Nigeria is a blessed, great nation – at least, potentially – lest we fall into a ditch.  

African China – Mr. President

Mood: Charge

‘”Mr. President, lead us well, don’t let this nation to fall inside well…”

Those were the most resonant lyrics from African China’s politically charged music in the early 2000s.

I again reiterate his sentiment as President Buhari is being sworn in for a second term. 

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