4 Things To Tell Your Ghanaian Barber If You Want A Good Haircut

Posted on Dec 28 2014 - 5:03pm by admin

So you wish to have that crisp haircut? loosen up, it is not arduous in any respect. You simply must keep in mind that some few things and make sure your barber is aware about them.

These are experiences i have gathered from some of the easiest barbers who all the time ensure I seem my best possible each weekend. if your barber is as good as mine, then they’re going to without a doubt ask some of these questions.

in the event that they don’t, the next time you take your seat and your barber goes, “What do you wish to have?”, reply like this:

1. Take a picture of your favourite haircut.

Barbers are artists, and with most artists they’re visible folks. when you show your barber a photograph, he/she can really visualize precisely what you are after.

be sure you take a photo of yourself and not some commonplace picture you noticed online or a celebrity. Why no longer? as a result of all of us have distinctive hair characteristics akin to thickness, texture, hairline and so on. just because it appears to be like excellent on Kwame does not imply it’s going to appear the same on Akwasi.

4 Things To Tell Your Ghanaian Barber If You Want A Good Haircut

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