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4 Simple Guides To Choosing A Modern Suit | The Guardian Nigeria News

4 Simple Guides To Choosing A Modern Suit | The Guardian Nigeria News

There is no denying that there is an elegance that wearing suits adds to you and this is why there is the popular saying that the suit makes the man.

There are many ways you can express yourself with your suit as it can take you from being assessed as “that business guy” to “that interesting, confident, and creative man”

In this article, we give you the basic knowledge to choose a great suit and help you express your unique style.

Buy What Suits You

Getting a shit doesn’t just happen at the store, it starts in your head. Consider why you are getting the suit, a wedding, date night, birthday, graduation or any other special occasion? Get a colour that works for you but if you are confused about what that is,  your go-to should be neutrals because they work with every shirt-and-tie combo you can think of and a whole lot more.

Make Sure It Fits

Go for suits that give you the best fit possible. Visit a knowledgeable tailor to help you with a style that fits your body type and expresses your personal style. The decision between slim-fit versus straight-fit should generally be dictated by your body type. If you have a thinner build, a slim-fit will give you a sharp and clean look.

Don’t Leave Out The Details

From lapels, collars and shirts, all the finer details must not be neglected when choosing a suit. A lapel that is on the slimmer side is the most current fashion and will give you a more modern look. The neck fit of your shirt should abide by the one-finger rule: you should be able to fit one finger in between the collar and your neck. Different collar styles can also be used to express yourself or complement your features.

Go Bold

Although it is easy to overdo it, a bold man may need a bold suit. Plaids, bold tweeds, pinstripes, and colors can all be a part of your repertoire by balancing them with your other pieces. Unification and editing are key when composing an ensemble.

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