2015 and the very existence of Nigeria

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ahead of 1914 there was no country known as Nigeria, all that existed have been kingdoms, clans, caliphate, empires and so on. individuals of an identical languages, cultures, traditions and so forth have been living collectively as one. This equation was once altered when the Europeans got here to Africa, exactly Nigeria.

 The British in their selfish wisdom forcefully and cunningly introduced all the completely different tribes with numerous cultures together. sooner than Nigeria’s independence in 1960 different ethnic groups, regions at completely different time had agitated to be on their very own however never succeeded. When 1960 eventually came each Nigerian at that time basked within the euphoria of the united states being an Utopian society.

After independence, the u . s . a . went from one drawback to some other -political, inexpensive, corruption, every person/ethnic crew was suspicious of one another hence the scramble for energy at the centre at all cost. From 1960 so far there was numerous coups, a hit and abortive. numerous number of harmless Nigerians have misplaced their lives for what they recognize nothing about. From 1960 till date , one of the most highest brains have been misplaced, time, vitality, money have all long past down the drain.

Why can’t we just reside collectively as one, is it because of our ethnic background and various culture , what is the problem ?. Even the western world -US, Russia, France, China, India, Brazil are made up of individuals of various cultures, ethnic staff, languages, custom etc. but they are dwelling as one indivisible united states and entity. maybe, there is something fallacious with the black-man. This downside, is it just a black-man downside ?, take a look at the history of the black nation on the earth. it’s important to to find corruption, ethnic strife, political instability and different type of civil disobedience. Even the black countries that aren’t in Africa, have not fared higher. Haiti, Jamaica and so forth. This has made some nations to deny the black indigenous inhabitants any chance in governance e.g. Brazil, Columbia and many others.

After independence in 1960 there was mutual suspicions amongst the regional leaders and their parties which result in the fall down of the primary republic. This experience used to be additionally the forerunner to the series of coups and and the eventual civil struggle that adopted.

any other election 12 months is just months away, the politicians have began over heating the polity with all method of unwarranted campaign of calumny coupled with insecurity within the North east that’s now spreading to the North primary and the federal government inability to deal with it.

Some couple of years back the Western world [US] has envisioned that Nigeria will cease to exist in or after 2015. just lately the Nigerian govt requested to purchase hands from US to combat insurgency in the North East but the request was turn down. Why used to be this request became down?. the answer will likely be seen as we make progress. the us has a hand if not some hands in almost all the conflicts that are presently going on globally-the center east, the some distance East, North Africa and so forth. the usa does no longer heart or create conflict when it has nothing to achieve. All those area talked about above but Afghanistan

have Hydrocarbon as the primary stay of their financial system and are contributors of OPEC. This hydrocarbon is the source of energy for the united states industries and for a long time the us has all the time taken exception to the associated fee of crude from OPEC countries hence has recommended for worth reduction.

The Niger Delta crises presented a chance to the us, but the management then used to be wiser and managed this crises. The Bokoharam crises is every other opportunity for the usa to destabilise and feast on Nigeria so long as that you can imagine with the way she is at this time feasting on one of the crucial hydrocarbon wealthy and crises infested Arab international locations and a few North African countries which are in crises too. With the way issues are going-politicians heating up the polity [attack of calumny ] insurgency, inflation, unemployment and so forth. this can be a pointer to crack in all of the structures in Nigeria. the us which has usurp the position of “world police” is tirelessly working teeth and nail to feather her nest selfishness and greed on the detriment of Nigeria. the usa has armed forces structure off the coast of Atlantic ocean [AFRICOM]. In a couple of meetings, briefings, and statements, high-level officials have said that AFRICOM has 4 primary targets: (1) to counter terrorism on African soil as a part of the global war on Terror, (2) to give protection to oil tools, recognising that the us at present purchases approximately 24 percent of its oil from Africa, and (three) to counter China’s rising financial investment on the continent, (4) to carry balance to Africa, however most effective because it serves US interests. it’s our perception that AFRICOM will in truth destabilise the continent within the long-run and will put our partners in Africa at risk. For the entire speak of it being a new, modern engagement, AFRICOM may just simply serve to protect unpopular regimes that are friendly to US interests while Africa slips further into poverty, as was once the case all over the cold struggle.

growing security and stability in Africa is just not something that can be entire by using the U.S. defense force- with the aid of any militia- regardless of specialised training and cooperation with experts and excellent intentions. If the usa govt truly desires to advertise peace, stability, and human construction in Africa, it must not do so via a armed forces command but through providing a civilian-driven just safety approach. as an alternative of the united states govt sending medical personnels and equipment to fight Ebola in Liberia, it chooses to send about a whole bunch of armed forces personnels to Liberia to struggle what?. West Africa is fighting warfare towards Ebola and no longer military war and what West Africa desires is scientific personnels and equipments. All these defense force buildup is in practise for the breakup of Nigeria in line with their prediction so that they may be able to feast on the largess of defunct Nigeria.

When the usa came to Nigeria after the Chibok’s school woman abduction every person used to be comfortable with the hope that the “kidnapped women” would quickly be released with the western troops build up, but sadly this buildup to me only served to to compromise our safety system to a large extent against the anticipated breakup of the united states of america.

At this point, lets pulse and answer the following pertinent questions; are we prepared for a breakup, what good will it serve us if we smash up, into what number of places will this damage up occur, can each of the breakup regions live on on their own, what occurs after the breakup and so on?????????.

the us to me is deceiving every person, extra particularly Nigerians. Its high time we all awoke from our slumber and put apart sentiment, religion(s), ethnicity/ tribalism, greed and different differences to deal with this impending catastrophe headlong because of the too a large number of advantages and advantages in being together as one Nigeria irrespective of our totally different political birthday party/association.

by Mr Rivers
A conserved and concerned Nigeria

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