13 Hottest TV Sex Scenes To Celebrate V-Day: Jamie & Claire’s Steamy Reunion & More

Posted on Feb 15 2018 - 7:39pm by admin

Happy Valentine’s Day, TV lovers! In honor of the special day, we’re taking a look back at some of the best sex scenes to ever grace our TV screens.

Over the years, your favorite TV characters have gotten down and dirty in some of the hottest sex scenes. Jamie and Claire Fraser from Outlander have had some of the sexiest sex scenes in the history of TV. Their love-making sessions in the first and second seasons were nothing short of epic. The third season started with Jamie and Claire apart, but they managed to find their way back to each other, transcending time and everything else. When these two finally made love after 20 years apart, the world nearly exploded. The passion was still there (and then some) after two decades.

One of the most talked-about sex scenes of 2017 was the one between Jon Snow and Daenerys on Game of Thrones. They’re technically related, so it definitely makes their tryst a little creepy. But they have no idea they’re actually related. But regardless of their familial connection, their sex scene was a long time coming. Diehard Jonerys fans have been waiting for this moment for seasons. Jon Snow had an equally steamy sex scene in season 3 with Ygritte.

Altered Carbon was just released on Netflix, and the show is getting serious buzz for its hot sex scenes. One particularly sexy scene goes down between Kovacs and Ortega. These two didn’t hold back in the bedroom, that’s for sure.

Streaming services and premium cable channels allow much more nudity than the main networks. However, that doesn’t mean the sex scenes are any less steamy on ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. Who could ever forget Olivia and Fitz’s very first sex scene in the first season of Scandal? That steamy scene left our jaws on the floor. Check out the rest of the hottest tv sex scenes in our gallery now!

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