10 Things Considered Archaic But Are More Healthier Than It’s Newer Inventions

Posted on Dec 26 2014 - 10:26am by admin

there are lots of issues from Africa which can be considered archaic but after quite a bit new inventions came out, science in latest times have confirmed that those that were considered archaic are if truth be told extra fitter than it’s new choices.

This has confirmed beyond each affordable doubt, the the reason is, we see plenty of unusual diseases and die young whereas international locations or villages that also are living in the old ways reside long and staying extra healthy.

Civilization and know-how although intended to make issues easy for us, have turned out to be killing us faster than we know. many of the new innovations best center of attention on methods to make existence easier but by no means goes deep to study how healthy it’s for the consumer.

for many years, most Ghanaians have the notion that no matter comes out of the states is the most effective and in addition presentations you’ve got extra standing in life and so this has affected our culture the place folks at all times wish to be viewed either eating burgers and sandwiches as an alternative of “Waakye” or “purple pink.” and people who nonetheless use the issues are thought to be archaic or considered as “villagers” or now not intelligent or locked in the past but funny enough, they’re living a healthy lifestyles. sooner than we continue to bombard you with the entire  “nitty gritties”, let’s get to some of these issues which can be regarded as archaic however are extra fitter.

Earthenware Bowl Or Ceramics

The earthenware bowl or “Asanka” because it’s in the community referred is one of the most common utensil in Ghana, however it’s regularly receding into the prior because most Ghanaians see it to be archaic or old fashioned. It has been replaced with plastics bowls and plates however apparently, these plastic bowls aren’t wholesome in any respect. Many researches have confirmed how dangerous the use of plastic is to our well being but this present day, nearly the whole lot is packaged in plastic. From “Kooko” to “red crimson” and “Waakye”, all are packaged with plastics however unfortunately many individuals do not know how unhealthy these products are to their health.

people are uncovered to chemical compounds from plastics no longer best throughout manufacturing, but additionally by means of using plastic packages because some chemicals migrate from the plastic packaging to the meals they incorporate. Examples of plastics contaminating meals had been suggested with most pliable types, including Styrene from polystyrene, plasticizers from PVC, antioxidants from polyethylene, and Acetaldehyde from PET.

Now experts are pronouncing the best option is to use the earthenware bowl or ceramic bowls and plates, they’re the best and the healthiest.


Waakye Leaves

previously, “Waakye” and “red red” have been served in leaves but along the road we had been yes by way of entrepreneurs of plastic merchandise that the usage of these kinds of leaves usually are not hygienic and so we must use plastic and so this changed the way in which issues are carried out and each food vendor jumped on plastic and it’s all over the place nowadays.

Now it’s clear, plastics are not so good as they gave the impression and the hazards are obviously being printed. The “Waakye” leaves aside from being healthy are also medicinal and so whereas eating from it, what sipped from it into the food makes you greater and does not endanger your lifestyles, but plastics do, inflicting hormonal problems in girls and in addition affecting unborn youngsters.

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