'You're LUDICROUS!' German MEP’s astonishing blast at Brexiteers -'they don't have a CLUE'

Posted on Nov 24 2017 - 7:53am by admin

Reinhard Bütikofer, one of the top Green euro MPs, said Brexiteers who think the situation in Berlin can be used to boost their cause “really don’t have the least clue”. 

His blistering remarks came in response to claims by Tory MPs that the instability since the German election, which deepened this week as coalition talks collapsed, could be weaponised. 

Some within Britain believe the Government should look to make more inroads in the talks whilst Berlin is in a “weak” position, and that the current chaos has strengthened the UK’s hand. 

But asked about such claims today Mr Bütikofer, who was part of the Greens’ negotiating team for the failed coalition talks, was dismissive and said they showed a lack of understanding of European politics. 

He said: “I have read that some Brexiteers seem to be of the belief that somehow they could cash in on the weakness of Germany. That’s ludicrous, that just looks funny to me. They really don’t have the least clue. 

“Brexit didn’t play a role at all in the negotiations because everybody agreed on the stance that the Government has been taking and whatever the next Government will be, it will be the same stance.”

The German MEP revealed that Brexit did not feature in any capacity in the official draft coalition text drawn up by Mrs Merkel’s CDU, the Greens and the liberal FDP before the talks collapsed. 

Officials in Brussels and Berlin have repeatedly stressed that the current situation in Germany will have no impact on the divorce talks, which are being handled by chief negotiator Michel Barnier. 

But earlier this week Brexit backing MPs lined up to say that Theresa May should look to drive home the initiative whilst Germany, and therefore the EU, are in their opinion on the back foot. 

Leading eurosceptic Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “The political weakness of the strongest EU state makes our negotiating position stronger. With manifold domestic troubles not just in Germany, member states need a deal more than we do.” 

Tory MP Nigel Evans said: “I don’t glory in Germany’s political crisis. When people point to Theresa May as being weak, if they want to see weak government go to Berlin.

“I want to see a strong Germany and a strong Britain. Angela Merkel needs to start concentrating on her own domestic agenda and tell Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk to get on with it.”

And Mansfield MP Ben Bradley added: “Domestic politics are clearly going to be the top of Merkel’s agenda for the time being though ironically her challenge is a similar kind of tension to the UK – balancing the need to appeal to both the middle-class left leaners and the typically working-class AfD voters.

“Let’s hope it gives Mrs Merkel and incentive to get the ‘divorce deal’ part of the Brexit deal sorted ASAP so she can concentrate on things at home.”

Mrs May is set to embark on another frenzied round of diplomatic meetings as she seeks to persuade senior EU officials and leaders to unblock trade talks in December. 

She will hold talks with the EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and his EU Council counterpart Donald Tusk, with officials saying whether or not progress will be made at next month’s summit is still in the balance. 

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