‘You should be ASHAMED’ – Furious audience member SAVAGES Theresa May on Brexit

Posted on Mar 22 2019 - 2:12pm by admin

In a passionate plea to Parliament, the audience member begged MPs to resolve their issues and deliver on what the public voted for. Following a heated discussion on the Brexit extension, the man in the Belfast audience said: “The Government should be ashamed of themselves. “There is no faith in the country to go forward.

“We buy from the EU three times amount more than buy from us.

“Germany and France don’t want the UK to leave.

“Every MP should go against party politics and follow the public.

“It’s complex, there no denying it, but at the same time the Government took the decision to have a referendum.”

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Discussions on the show this week centred on comments made by Mrs May on Wednesday night.

The panel had originally been responding to a question asking whether an extension which is conditional on a vote is blackmail.

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood said: “This is the biggest generational decision we face and one of the most complicated.

“Now Parliament must decide this. We’re in a minority government so Parliament has a final say.

“If you ask this audience or Parliament there are so many different views to that.”

He added: “I don’t think it’s a form of blackmail.”

In a speech Mrs May blamed MPs for the extension of Article 50 on Wednesday.

Last night a delay was approved by EU officials.

If Parliament approves Mrs May’s EU exit agreement Brexit will now take place on May 22.

However if it doesn’t the UK will leave without a deal on April 12, unless the Government presents Brussels with a new offer.

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