Yomi Fash Lanso Has A Word For Nigerian Pastors Who Go About With Body Guards

Posted on Jun 25 2017 - 1:57am by admin

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fash Lanso has expressed how he feels about Nigerian pastors who transfer about with physique guards in a up to date interview with Punch.

The actor who just introduced a 12 months said;

“Our pastors go about with armed personnel and that i ask myself a query, who desires to kill or kidnap a pastor? Is he now not a person of God? .

They recognize that what they are doing will not be just right, if now not they’d no longer move about with armed personnel. in case you are truthful to God’s calling, who would need to kidnap you? .

if you don’t have the belief to harm somebody, then you do not want armed personnel. I was conferred as a deacon in my church a few years back but it will no longer cease me from talking. .

in the event that they go round with armed personnel as a result of the wealth they appear to have, how did they arrive about the wealth? Is it now not from our tithe and providing? They cannot are trying it in the united states. .

A pastor in South Africa is rotting in reformatory because he molested underage girls. i am certain that if it was once in Nigeria, we’d no longer hear anything else. Nothing would happen as a result of now we have built our society round individuals and no longer laws. it is mistaken. 

Nathan within the bible went to King David to deliver God’s message without any worry or compromise but our pastors can’t accomplish that. we’re in this mess in Nigeria as a result of our pastors aren’t speaking. .

If we’re going to depend the true males of God in Nigeria, they would now not be as much as two among the many lots that now we have. only some of them can seem to be within the eye of corrupt men in govt and talk the truth as a result of they would not wish to lose their worldly possession. .

They be aware of all the rogues we have now in executive, the individuals which are putting us in total blackness. These individuals attend their church buildings but they don’t seem to be speaking to them this means that that these pastors are thieves and rogues as well. .

except we begin talking the reality from the church, we aren’t going to make any head way in Nigeria.”

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