Yomi Fabiyi: Actor refutes sexual harassment claims, aims to bring accuser to book

Posted on Nov 19 2017 - 6:45pm by admin

Yomi Fabiyi is not one to have his reputation smeared over a recent sexual harassment allegation leveled against him by a female aspiring actress who accused him of wrongdoing via Instagram.

The lady, Eniola Omoshalewa Eunice, had alleged in a post that the actor intended to have sexual intercourse with her in exchange for a role in a movie nine years ago. Her blunt rejection of the idea led her to abandoned on the highway from where she made her way home in tears.

Eniola Omoshalewa Eunice has accused Yomi Fabiyi of sexual harassmentplay

Eniola Omoshalewa Eunice accused Yomi Fabiyi of sexually harassing her.



In response to the allegation, Fabiyi wrote to the office of the Police commissioner for Lagos through his lawyer Barrister Badru, asking the public to provide helpful information that can help in contacting his accuser, Linda Ikeji’s Blog reports.

He referred to the comments submitted by Eunice as an act of blackmail and urged his fans and associates to disregard the allegation.

“Please anyone who know or has or had direct dealings with this woman and how she can be reached physically should DM me or whatsapp me ONLY via 08029062692, better still pass the info to Barrister Badru M B via – 08134821247,” he began.

“It is not in my habit to warn or be on the wrong side of the media as I believe we are in here for one another with high respect but please if you are not part of the this “pull him down by all means syndrome” campaign going on, I advise you avoid letting this cheap “BLACKMAIL” seat on your portal.

“To my friends, fans and close allies that know me so well, one thing is crystal clear, I will not walk anybody out of my car in a manner that terrible lies has pointed. So many lies and discrepancies in the story.

“I do not know who is behind this but I am sure they are not someone with better lives and they shall meet their waterloo very shortly.

“I will see this to a logical end and ensure criminals like this are not allowed to spoil the cyber space or hoodwinked people into falling in line with their jaundice or criminality. In the interim, let us relax and see how things pans out,” the petition reads.

Meanwhile, Eunice has increased the security parameters of her Instagram page. Fabiyi posted a screenshot of her account on his as if to offer proof that she is only being used as a tool to discredit him.


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The issue of sexual harassment by reputable actors became a viral subject following the public shaming of Hollywood filmmaker, Harvey Weinstein who was accused by some notable actresses including Angelina Jolie, of obscenity with an intention to have sexual intercourse with them.

Another actor to have been accused of sexually harassing aspiring female actress was Yemi Solade, who also denied the allegation terming it as an attempt by his accuser to gain popularity.

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