Wizkid: 7 things you need to know about Shola Ogudu's social media rants

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We all woke up today to Wizkid’s baby mama, Shola Ogudu going all explosive on social media over her perceived neglect of their son, Boluwatife.

This isn’t the first time Shola Ogudu or Wizkid’s other baby mama, Binta Diallo has called him out on social media. The difference this time around is that we got to see a very bitter Shola give a comprehensive account of her frosty relationship with Wizkid.

From a long epistle to screenshot messages between Wizkid and Sola Ogudu, here are seven things you can take from her social media meltdown which has gotten everyone talking.

1. Initial denial of their son

Shola Ogudu and her son, Boluwatifeplay

Shola Ogudu and her son, Boluwatife



According to Shola Ogudu, from the moment she discovered she was pregnant for Wizkid, he denied the baby. Even after giving birth to the baby, he still didn’t want anything to do with the baby. At some point, Wizkid and his family asked for a DNA test which came out positive. She went on to reveal that Wizkid’s family at the beginning would come to her house with gifts, pleading with her to understand that he would soon come around which he never did.

“You and your family asked for a DNA test…Which my family and i without hesitation agreed to; This same DNA test that took you well over a year to show up for; Results came out 99.9%.”

2. Pretending to be a good dad for the public

wizkid and sonplay

wizkid and son


Sola Ogudu in her explosive revelation said Wizkid only did things for their son so as to be perceived in public as a good dad. According to her, he tattooed his name on his body to give the impression that he was a cool dad. She said she always wondered why he always sent shoes and necklaces to their son which he always took back. She called him a social media dad.

“I always wondered why you were so quick to send clothes and shoes, little did i know that it was for the appearance. Even the star boy chain and jewelry you claimed you got him, did you not take it back?”

3. Absence from their son’s life


Sola Ogudu shares a photo of Wizkid’s son



Sola Ogudu’s major grudge against the music star is his total absence from their son’s life. She gave a number of instances where Wizkid turned down offers to come to see their son. Sola revealed how she had to do everything for their son, Boluwatife. She shared the one-time Wizkid complained about his son’s accent insisting that they should move him to the United States to stay with his half-sister.

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4. Wizkid saying that his son is gay

Sola Ogudugu and son, Boluwatifeplay

Sola Ogudugu and son, Boluwatife



One shocking revelation made by Shola Ogudu in her social media rants was the fact that her son might have been exposed to things he wasn’t supposed to see. She gave an example of the time Wizkid made their son touch the boobs and ass of the women in his house because he wanted to be sure about his sexuality. Another incident was when she found a ‘Weed Crusher’ in her son’s bag after returning from Wizkid’s house.

“I remember sending you photos from my 24th birthday and you questioned his sexuality…You asked if your 4year old son (at that time) was gay.”

5. The Italian job

Shola Oguduplay

Shola Ogudu



For Sola Ogudu, she has always been a hustling young lady who didn’t want to get carried away with the fact that she was Wizkid’s baby mama. She applied for a job at the Italian embassy in Nigeria which she got. Even though it was a contract job, she was able to use the opportunity to take good care of her son. She also revealed how it was war trying to get a consent letter from Wizkid so their son could get a visa even though he eventually agreed.

6. Wizkid coming through at the last minute

Singer's Nike 'Star Boy' t-shirt sells out in record timeplay

Singer’s Nike ‘Star Boy’ t-shirt sells out in record time



Even though she spent a lot of time slamming Wizkid, from her story, Wizkid always came through for his son at the last minute. She gave instances of the time they wanted to travel to the United States for Christmas and wanted Wizkid to finance the trip, he was nowhere to be found until the last minute after she had already paid for the trip. He eventually sent N4M to her for the trip.

7. He constant absence from son’s birthday

Wizkid to build public schools, babymama sends school feesplay

Shola Ogudu appears to be the blunt type in a comment which hints at Wizkid’s abandonment of his fatherly role.



Another major hurdle Shola Ogudu said she has faced with the music star is his refusal to attend their son’s birthday. In case you don’t know, Boluwatife is seven years old and Wizkid has never been to any of his birthdays according to his mum. She said he would rather send gifts during his birthdays even when he is in Lagos.

“His 3rd birthday (His first ever birthday celebration) You sent me 450k; 300k first and 150k after i told you we needed more stuff…You were in this same Lagos Ayodeji and i begged you to come but you just said point blank without any remorse “You were busy and had other things to do,” i didn’t complain.”

Guys, even though there is always another side to a story, this public rant by Sola Ogudu goes a long way to say that she has bottled up a lot and just couldn’t hold back anymore.

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