With ''Palmwine Music 2'', Show Dem Camp delivers all round grown man vibes

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Show Dem Camp’s duo of Ghost and Tec are revered in key corners among the hip-hop community and it is not hard to see why.

The duo legitimately lay claim to being the best rappers in the land over the last few years, with their impressive body of works, artistry and impact on a generation of new talents.

SDC’s most defining features is found in how easily they find a balance between Tec’s flow and Ghost’s gruffly voice and lyrical dexterity. The duo have found a compatible path to express their music and it has created a winning teamwork over the years.

play Ghost and Tec deliver great music with Palmwine Music 2 (Guardian)


With albums like their debut offering ”Dreamers Project” released in 2011 followed by the ”Clone Wars” series, SDC cemented its spot as a powerhouse in the industry.

They were mentioned among the greats, and regarded untouchable by many, but it was with ”Palmwine Music Vol 1, released  in 2017, that they created the single most defining moment in their career.

It is with this project that Show Dem Camp came fully into their own. Palmwine Music’ brought them into a different light, helped them achieve a more experimental and relatable sound, and also be more influential on the scene working with a carefully selected set of exciting talents to deliver a vibrant blend, and also creating a music festival that wrapped up their impressive run.

With the success of Palm Wine Music Vol 1, Volume 2 was inevitable and its much-anticipated arrival finally happened on Monday, October 15, 2018.

play Tec and Ghost complement each other brilliantly on Palmwine Music 2 (Guardian)


The 10-track album which spans over 30 minutes begins with the intro ‘Under The Influence’, which warns of the effects of palmwine music that was about to be unleashed.

The duo teamed up with their regular allies in Ajebutter 22 and BOJ in ‘Damiloun’ and the opening minutes is everything you need to set off an Afrobeats party.

Loaded with drums, horns and flutes that teleport you into a live audience setting as Ajebutter 22 known for his unique vocal style sings on a topic (Girls and party) where he alone champions best.

‘Damiloun’ is chilled music, the type that ignites the dance floor, as Tec’s relaxed flow highlights the duo’s approach on this record, while Ghost raps that ”we about to zone all night.”

play Tec and Ghost performing at the Lagos edition of the Palmwine Music Festival in December 2017 (Pulse)


Nonso Amadi‘s artistry is getting more profound with every verse either on his own song or guest features and he absolutely nails it again on ‘System Fail’, which is an immediate highlight on the project.

Burna Boy working with Show Dem Camp is the stuff of dreams and ‘Legend’ is a dream come true.

Burna opens the track with his druggy voice as he declares his status as a legend, then the beat is allowed to breathe as Tec rides it with his brilliant flow asking, ”What’s a boy to a legend?”, while reminding listeners of what the duo created in the past.

The production on this one is insane, Burna’s hook is infectious and then Ghost tops it off with an avant wavy flow that crowns this divine record.

play Burna Boy features on the track, ‘Legend’ on SDC’s Palmwine Music 2 (Cokobar)


Young talent, Flash who is signed to prolific beatmaker, Sarz makes an appearance on ‘Tropicana’, Tec is rapping with a bit more energy on this, Flash’s hook creates an incredible mix and Ghost’s flow on the second verse brings it all together.

‘Ragabomi’ with UK based singer Moelogo is the type of music that gets a grown man spending all his money on his love interest who is the main attraction at an ‘Owambe’ function. Centered around a brilliant hook delivered in Yoruba as the duo sync perfectly with their verses with Ghost taking the first verse this time.

‘For a Minute’ features talented singer, Lady Donli, the percussions come to life again on this one as Donli is in fine form with her voice providing the perfect record for intimacy.

One artist who has worked with SDC on most of their projects is rapper Poe and he teams up with the squad yet again alongside Tomi Agape on ‘Love On Weekends’, which continues the warmth theme from the previous record as Tec seems to have found the perfect topic to spaz.

play SDC feature a number of young and exciting talents on Palmwine Music 2 (Native)


‘Malibu & Palmwine’ features Worlasi and it seems the guest artists are all hyped for this as the talented singer delivers another stellar hook as they serve this song tailor-made as a radio single.

The laid-back record, ‘The Garden’ featuring Falana is another solid record and a perfect way to end the project.

This is the real palm wine music, this is ‘Feel Alright 2.0’, pure vibes, as the song seemingly makes allusion to the biblical story of the Garden of Eden and how perfect life was before ‘sin’.

Falana is the real star of this song, as her rich vocals light up the moody instrumentals, while Tec touches on a number of things with his verse from love to Ghaddafi and the state of the nation, while Ghost also delivers a reference filled verse.

‘Palmwine Music 2’ is a smooth listen, a wide shouldered project that shows progression from what they achieved on the first volume.

The concept that drives this album, projects a duo, who were having fun and the energy, bounces off on every record making the songs bubbly and infectious.

Production on the album, solely handled by their long time collaborator, Spax, makes him the biggest winner of the project.

Despite clearly trying out new things, the sounds never seemed crammed together with each instrument allowed to thrive.

Spax’s brilliance on the keys help the duo expand the balance between artful experimentation and relatable sound. The sound is mature, explosive when it needs be, laid back on occasions to allow the rappers properly express themselves in clarity at the same time.

Show Dem Camp can rap and they didn’t dedicate the album to attempting to remind anyone of that fact. This is people’s music, this is grown man music, and the beauty of ”Palmwine Music 2” is in how cohesive the album is despite the diverse sound and features, making it a solid follow-up to the masterpiece that Vol 1 is.

Rating: 4/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

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