Win Catch — get them before they disappear

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Win Catch — get them before they disappear

Are you searching the net for some new and interesting game to play? Game that will offer thrill and challenge in the same time? Well then we have the best solution for you in this excellent game called Win Catch.

Be very fast to touch things before they disappear

In this challenging game different things will appear on your screen and you have to be very fast to touch them before they disappear. When the things appear they are large but as time goes by, they will shrink gradually and eventually will disappear. For everything you touch you will get points and if the things disappear before you touch them you will lose life. But don’t worry you will get and extra life for every new level as you progress in the game. You can see how much lives you have by the row of red hearts on the bottom of the screen. During your gameplay you can always go back to the main screen by simply pressing the back button on the top of the action bar.

Try and see if you can get the best high score

Try and see how far you can get. How many levels you can beat before you get the best high score? Challenge your skills and with this highly addictive game.

So don’t hesitate and download Win Catch for a small fee of 1$ and see how many things you can catch before they disappear.

Google Play Download Link: Win Catch

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