‘Will & Grace’ Recap: Rosario Returns As Will Finds Romance With Hottie Ben Platt

Posted on Oct 6 2017 - 8:51pm by admin

Will and Jack are on the prowl! New York’s most eligible gay bachelors find themselves being ‘daddies’ to a pair of 20-something hotties in the second episode back of the reboot of ‘Will & Grace’.

Rosie is back — sort of! Fans of Will & Grace were no doubt bummed to hear that Shelley Morrison, who plays Karen Walker’s maid and better half Rosario on the show, had retired from acting shortly before the show started filming its newest season. But don’t worry, the creators have come up with a plan to not only make Ro-Ro ever present in the show, but leave the door open if Shelley changes her mind. You see, it seems that Rosario is running around the Walker Mansion behind-the-scenes, sending other maids and servants to do her bidding. In the latest episode, she sends one of the maids to ask Karen for a raise, insisting that they deserve one for all the value they give to the family’s life. Karen agrees and in turn, summons Grace to her place to discuss a raise for herself.  But more on that later.

Elsewhere, Will gets picked up by a much younger guy at a gay bar, much to the dismay of Jack, who has trouble landing a hottie of his own. Jack runs to Karen for help, who opens an age defy treasure chest of pills, botox, magnets, and spanx to help anyone look half their age, albeit not ver comfortably. Sure enough, Jack returns to the bar the next night to win over a guy named Lincoln and invites him back to his place. Across the hall, Will entertains Blake, played by ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ star Ben Platt. (Hamilton hunk last week, DEH star this week. Who’s next???) He’s 23, he has ADHD, and he’s got a BFF/roommate named Stella who he Facetimes to show her how hot his new ‘daddy’ BF is, because, you know, he needs validation. (Sound familiar?)

Both Jack and Will, though turned on by having younger men in their apartments, have difficulty connecting with these boys. Will has a near heart attack with Blake disses Madonna, then reveals he was born the same year she put out Will’s fave song, ‘Borderline’. As Jack puts it, ‘He should be beaten with a VHS copy of Evita!’ As for Jack, he’s so terrified to have his young man see him looking old, he shuts out all the lights and puts on enough makeup to look like a ventriloquist doll. Not a pretty sight. In the end, Jack is left along and Will has to make a choice between hooking up with Blake or lecturing him about the plight of the gay man that led to this generation being happy. No surprise — he chooses the lecture. Bye-bye Blake!

Now, back to Karen and Grace. Having just redecorated Karen’s shower, Grace is perplexed to be summoned to the mans in the middle of the night. Sure enough, Karen asks Grace for a raise for all the work she’s done for her over the years. Obviously, Grace laughs in her face — what WORK has she ever really done? But then, hijinks ensue, as Karen accidently looks them in the shower forever, blocks up the drain, and turns on the faucet. As the water rises. Grace begins to panic, as Karen struggles to think of her sex ‘safe word’ that will make the system shut down before they drown. Karen then starts to insult Grace as she gets hysterical, mocking her hair and her face — and then it clicks. Karen is a help to Grace at the office. She helps her keep calm in a crisis. She helps stop being overwhelmed with her nonsense, leaving Grace better to focus. Realizing that Grace couldn’t do what she does without Karen, and more importantly, wouldn’t want to, she tells Karen she loves her. Karen says, ‘I love you too, Grace Adler’ — and the shower system shuts down. To Grace’s horror, she turns to assistant to scream, “Grace Adler is your sexual buzzkill?” Great line!

Speaking of lines, here’s my favorite from Ms Walker this week:

Karen: You’re always thinking you’re going to lose a client, but you dont. You’re going to miss a deadline, then you don’t. You think you can pull off a hate, but you can’t. Honey, you really can’t!

HollywoodLifers, are you still feeling the return of ‘Will & Grace’?

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