‘Will & Grace’ Cast Celebrate Season 3 Renewal With Butt-Slapping & Hints At Big Surprises

Posted on Mar 19 2018 - 10:27pm by admin

Oh, honey! At their panel at Paleyfest, the ‘Will & Grace’  crew announced the show would be coming back for season 3 and the reaction of the Fab Four was, well, hilarious!

“We have been picked up for five more episodes next year, so we’re not doing 13, we’re doing 18,” said creator/executive producer Max Mutchnick to room full of rabid Will & Grace fans at the 2018 Paleyfest, and he was greeted by a round of raucous applause. However, on the other end of the panel, Megan Mullally could be seen whispering something not-so-secretive to Eric McCormack, who interrupted Max at that point to announce officially that the show was also coming back for a third season after that! And with that, the pair, along with Sean Hayes and Debra Messing, flew into a happy frenzy, which ended with Eric playfully spanking Megan and Debra and Sean going into a dance. Now THAT’S how you celebrate

But that wasn’t all the news to come out of the panel. The cast also dropped some hints about the show’s upcoming finale, which will include a tribute to the late Debbie Reynolds, who played Grace’s mother, and the return of fan-favorite Alec Baldwin. Eric alluded to a poignant moment for Will in the finale where he realizes just how much having Grace means to him. Then, during the fan Q&A, the creators were asked if another live show will happen, and though begrudgingly, Max revealed that it is on the horizon. Yes!!!

Overall, the cast seems thrilled to be back on the show and tackling more issues than ever, all while providing smiles to their loyal fans. “It’s been a very chaotic, stressful, confusing time in our country for over a year,” said Debra told Variety at the event, “and so to be able to make people laugh, to give people a respite for a half-hour every week, gives us great joy.” Her partner-in-crime Eric added, “We’re older — the guys who write the show are older and have kids — and the world is different. Things matter more and I think to just continually write jokes and not write what matters, we would be remiss. These characters, underneath all of the crazy, have depth, and when they’re allowed to express that, I think the show becomes so much richer.”

Sounds good! Keep those good times and belly laughs coming!

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