Wild College Party Ends With The Dance Floor Literally Crumbling Underneath Everyone: Watch

Posted on Nov 14 2017 - 10:26pm by admin

College parties are notorious for getting out of hand, but this one is taking crazy to completely different levels — literally. The floor collapsed under students in Texas as they celebrated their Homecoming Weekend.

College kids put their apartments through the ringer with the ragers they throw, but the living quarters of these University of North Texas students has had enough with the wild partying. While 50-60 kids tore up the dance floor over their Homecoming Weekend, the ground decided it could no longer stand the weight and literally FELL APART UNDER THEIR FEET. The ceiling literally couldn’t hold them anymore! It’s just like that Macklemore song “Can’t Hold Us,” except we have a feeling this isn’t exactly what the rapper meant. But don’t worry, no one was seriously injured, according to Cosmopolitan. A bunch of videos of the insane incident started going viral, and you can watch one of them below.

The party didn’t take place in some grungy basement like the majority of college gatherings. Instead, it was hosted on the third floor of The Ridge apartment complex, meaning those kids totally dropped right into someone else’s living room. And we thought our upstairs neighbors were bad?! “A group of people from the party fell down into her apartment … slowly destroying everything in the living room underneath,” a GoFundMe started by a second-floor resident’s sister stated. The fundraising page also explained that residents of the apartment were contacted by the police beforehand to warn them about the potential risks associated with having so many guests over.

While no one was seriously hurt or required a hospital visit, six people had to be treated for minor injuries on the scene. “I was lucky to have no injuries, but I fell on numerous people … I remember being in midair falling and I crawled my way to flat ground and went out the back window,” Davion Keys, a student who attended the gathering, told Chron.com. More than 50 people will reportedly be displaced from the apartment complex until the building is repaired. Well, if the goal was to throw a party no one would forget, they’ve certainly succeeded!

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