Why Tanzanian President Will Not Allow Teen Mothers Back To School

Posted on Jun 26 2017 - 10:01pm by admin


Tanzanian President, John Magufuli, during a three day tour of the coast area addressed residents of the Bagamoyo the place he accused international dealers of influencing the civil society firms to induce the government to permit teen moms to re-enter the education device.

He said that permitting the teenager mothers back to highschool is encouraging different teenagers to engage in pre-marital intercourse.

He additionally stated the man who impregnates these teen women should be imprisoned for 30 years and put the power he used to impregnate the woman into farming while in prison, The East African experiences.

President John Magufuli said:

“there are a lot of issues that the girls can do after supply; they can join VETA (Vocational training training Authority centres) and learn stitching and farming.

If we had been to allow the women again to high school, one day we might find all women in standard One going home to nurse their babies.

After getting pregnant, you’re executed!”

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