Why Ramsey Nouah Thinks His Fans See Him As An ATM

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Ramsey Nouah has staged a comeback in another flick, My wife and that i during which he performs an ordinary role of a girl. 

Hilarious however controversial, the female function has put Nouah immediate, as lots of his enthusiasts are asking questions. on this interview, the actor takes his time to explain why he took up the weird persona and the way he managed to suit into it.  He additionally talks about other issues.

Your function in ‘My wife and that i’ was once roughly weird…

It was weird, yeah.

How did you be capable to get into that position?

belief me, it wasn’t fun at all. It was once very awkward. every time I needed to play that part, I was all the time like ‘ha!’ I hated it. however professional ethics demand that you just do stuffs that you simply need to do.

What was the expertise like playing the role of a woman and costumed in female attires?

you recognize, women are passionate about men looking to be like them. I don’t recognize what it’s. It excites them. far and wide i am going, I keep in mind that the purple carpet, it was the same thing. all the women are like ‘how do you are feeling playing a woman?’  It wasn’t enjoyable, in truth.

but was once it difficult?

after all it used to be challenging. it’s important to get into the personality. you recognize…doing what your mum on a regular basis does or what your spouse does or what your sister does and all of that which is way not like you. There’s something about it.

Would you describe it as essentially the most challenging position you’ve taken?

Oh, no. not precisely. It’s no longer mentally aggravating. Don’t get me flawed. It’s just that there are some morals than challenge and that’s why when I was doing it, I had a bit of reservation, but in fact I still tried to pull it via. this is like comedy; it’s nothing severe, so we could play with it. in addition to, it used to be lovely arduous for me to get these gestures and mannerisms but my colleague helped me out with it. So, how do your fans relate to you, based on the movie?

a number of of them felt like ‘Arrgh! Gosh! How would you ridicule Ramsey Nouah so much? How would you deliver him down so much like that?’ however to me, it’s not unhealthy, to me it’s a professional thing, yeah, it’s what it’s important to do.

Are we getting there in Nollywood? Are we improving or regressing compared to when we started?

Emm… for Nollywood, there have been phases of increase for us. It appeared like we began off on an excellent observe but individuals are pondering… No, no, no, it’s now not as if it’s now not a good be aware, it’s, however there used to be a just right start, there used to be an inflow of stories. It become saturated. individuals received tired and all and sundry just felt just like the trade has reached its peak and there’s nowhere else to go. hence, that time limit was once when every person commenced to say ‘are we growing or falling?’ however this is what it is. We had just right performances performing, in the beginning. The efficiency performing became saturated as a result of there were too many films outside. Technicals didn’t develop from where we started , it used to be going to get better however mid-means however issues bought worse. Now, technical is growing. What’s giving birth to good technicals are the cinemas. for you to shoot a film for cinemas there has to be capital, after all giant display and you have got to get everything and every element proper. however there’s a nosedive with the performances now. the place we have gotten to now with excellent technicals, acting is getting better. There’s need for that bridge for technical and performing to synegise for us to have a clean and excellent production.

okay, just another film long after ’76. Are you choosy or the scripts are not coming?

Oh, all of us have to be choosy. you could’t take every script that comes your method. You and i will agree that you’re in search of characters that suit or befit you probably the most, not simply decide any story or personality that’s not challenging, What do you look out for in a script?

I look out for story to start with, the personality I’m taking part in and the story itself. How important is my character to the whole story? If a story may be very ‘killing’, i will’t miss it.

Will you reject a script as a result of a specific actor or actress you’re now not pleased with is within the story?

(long sigh) It’s rare; it’s rare that i might as a result of it has by no means happened to me. I’ve never rejected any script on account of that excluding I’m having like a dispute with the person which is uncommon, perhaps I’m now not pleased with the person, possibly we’re apart, possibly we’re having some form of disagreement and stuff. Yeah, possibly that, otherwise, I’m nice.

You’ve performed a twin, you’ve performed a soldier and also you’ve played a feminine function. Do you still have dream roles?

Oh, yeah. there are lots of characters that come to play that we want to act but I’m not going to say it, I’m not going to let it out of the bag. I mean, there are a few characters that I’d like to work on; to play a lot of them, but in due time

What yes you to absorb the function of a woman in My wife and that i

It’s on account of the challenging section. It’s as a result of I’ve never performed it sooner than. i believe I did one thing some years again but that one was like I was an undercover, so I dressed like a lady. these have been years back; early 2000. I dressed like a lady; they tied gele and scarf for me and i was like (mimics a female voice) ‘hello what are you talking about?’ I did all of that but this one is totally different. There’s a message to this one and the message could be very easy -what are the conflicts in marriages and why are marriages always having issues?

You’re over forty years and you’re nonetheless taking a look excellent. what is the secret?

i feel it’s only joy from within. a variety of people are likely to % up a lot of bad belle, you understand, vexing over this and that. That brings about… so just smile; a gorgeous smile on a regular basis might take you a ways.

You’ve performed in a few love scenes in movies. in terms of chemistry, will you play a love scene with just any actress?

If the character calls for it, why now not? With any one, why not? but in the event you’re announcing ‘anybody’, umm, it relies on what ‘any one’ method. like you play love scene with a female counterpart when it has to be an reverse sex, now not the same sex.

What determines the chemistry between co-stars?

It’s inside. There are two issues, yeah, there’s a certified ethic that drives whatever you’re doing. Secondly, you need to find that interior vitality and connection between you and the opposite actor. that you could additionally talk about appeal factor.

you need to be attracted to one another first?

not first. It’s no longer the first one. Like I mentioned it’s inside. There’s the skilled… once in a while it connects, from time to time you have disconnect one day. It’s commonplace, it’s natural for it to occur however then, you must understand when to steadiness it. It’s what is demanded of you professionally.

You’ve been around for a couple of years. What has been your greatest moment as an actor?

i believe it’s the moments I spend with my family once we’re out holidaying or going completely different locations. Adventures and stuffs like which are my finest moments. however certainly one of my greatest moments professionally was once I shot dangerous Twins with Tade Ogidan, because it used to be very worrying. 

have you had a low moment?

Yeah. In 2006, a few us had been blacklisted by way of the (film) entrepreneurs for no excellent cause. in fact, at that moment there was a turnaround in my religion within the business. I was like ‘what the hell, why will have to now we have this?’ hence, when the cinema factor came in I used to be more than happy as a result of it helped curb our business. as a result of we lack structure, we lack legislation and regulatory our bodies to in fact checkmate certain things; numerous things went haywire. That was once one in all my low points within the trade.

What has a loopy female fan achieved to you?

Hugged me, kissed me.

Embarrassed you in public?

Yeah, it could be a bit of embarrassing but some individuals just have an expressive means of doing their stuff, you can’t stop them. They make issues occur for you; they make your world go round. every so often once they do one thing like that, you in finding it moderately embarrassing. I don’t need to go into the express ones.

What has reputation achieved to you?

reputation has had its benefits. excellent plays, good moments, umm… and it has its downsides. a lot of people have fun with you, yeah.

It has opened doors and closed doorways to your face?

Yeah, it has opened a few doorways. Like this one we’re doing here, this initiative (ACTDF), it is a door opener for my job.

Has reputation closed doorways to your face?

No, I wouldn’t say it closed doorways on my face. No, no longer precisely. however, you know, you meet lots of people who have a tendency to appreciate you. everybody sees you around, all of your lovers, most especially in Lagos; see you as their ATM machines. All their greetings have to be paid for. for instance, they’ll greet you ‘howdy, just right morning bros, we dey hail o…’ you know it’s important to drop something, so it’s relatively a thorn within the flesh.

Some actors and actresses have delved into music. Is Ramsey Nouah going to sing at some point?

I never say ‘by no means’ to anything. however no, no longer in point of fact.

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