Who to blame for Brexit chaos? Express poll results overwhelmingly condemns one person

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Three years since her entry into Downing Street, Theresa May topped the poll “by a landslide” – although she wasn’t the only politician criticised by thousands of voters. The outgoing Prime Minister has been held up as the person to blame for the chaos that has unravelled since she took office on July 13 2016 by almost 10,000 people taking part in a survey. Express.co.uk asked its readers yesterday who is guilty of dragging the country into current Brexit turmoil. The poll, asking ‘Who is to blame for the Brexit mess’ and carried out between July 13 at 5pm to July 14 at 11am, saw a total of 15,271 people voting. 

Mrs May topped the poll gathering 9,257 votes – 61 percent of the preferences.

Many voters suggested Mrs May was not able to completely put aside her scepticism over Brexit while trying to deliver the will of the people.

One commented: “A Remainer as Prime Minister trying to push a half-baked Brexit would never work.”

Another explained their choice saying: “Clearly Theresa May.

“Said all we wanted to hear, did the exact opposite.  

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brexit news theresa may david cameron no deal brexit latest express poll

Express readers believe Theresa May is the person to blame for the Brexit chaos (Image: GETTY)

“Appeased the EU to the point where the ‘withdrawal agreement’ (surrender treaty) said ‘take what you want and when you’re happy, let us leave destitute so we can beg to return on severely diminished terms’.

“If a Brexiteer was in charge and actual negotiators sent to deal with the EU, we’d have likely come out with a much better agreement than we had.

“A total farce and May and the Tories are quite rightly being annihilated for it.”

However, other voters believe the person truly responsible for the Brexit chaos is the politician who put Mrs May in her difficult situation – David Cameron.

The former Tory Prime Minister, who came in second on the Express.co.uk poll with 2,788 votes (19 percent), called for the EU Referendum in the first place in a bid to win the 2015 general election and voiced his support for the Remain campaign. 

brexit news theresa may david cameron no deal brexit latest express poll

Express.co.uk poll’s results (Image: EXPRESS)

brexit news theresa may david cameron no deal brexit latest express poll

David Cameron resigned the day after the EU Referendum (Image: GETTY)

The day after the Leave side won, he abruptly quit, leaving the country without a leader for weeks.

One voter said: “Cameron is to blame for throwing his dummy out of the pushchair after the result in 2016 although may was a total disaster for three years.”

Another accused Mr Cameron of falling “on his sword deliberately knowing full well what would follow”.

They added: “It would be easy to choose May but, personally, I blame the person responsible for putting her there – David Cameron.

“He said he would invoke Article 50 on June 24 2016 if Leave won the referendum.

“Instead he ran away and the chaos began. 

brexit news theresa may david cameron no deal brexit latest express poll

The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier (Image: GETTY)

“The delay caused by the farce of ‘choosing’ another leader, allowed a certain woman to take the Government to court thus delaying any attempt to invoke Article 50 by the incoming Prime Minister.”

The other options offered by the poll gathered just a few hundreds of votes each.

The outgoing UK’s chief negotiator, Olly Robbins, came in third with 831 votes (6 percent), and was accused by many Express readers of delivering a botched Brexit.

One said: “Theresa May asked the EU for a deal that kept us close to the EU, even though she had Brexit ministers working with the EU to come up with a deal.

“In the background, she had Olly Robbins coming up with the deal which she said was seen by Merkel before the ministers in her Cabinet.” 

brexit news theresa may david cameron no deal brexit latest express poll

Britain and the EU’s negotiating teams in late 2018 (Image: GETTY)

Another said: “Arch-Remoaner May and her acolyte, Olly Robbins, are to blame.”

Jean-Claude Juncker, the outgoing European Council President, attracted 614 votes, 5 percent of the preferences.

He was followed by Brexit Party’s leader Nigel Farage with 421 votes (2 percent) and the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier with 409 votes (also 2 percent).

Dominic Grieve, a Tory MP backing the People’s Vote campaign for a second referendum and attempting to thwart a no deal Brexit outcome, gained 250 votes (1 percent).

Among the 594 people who chose the ‘Other’ option, many said they blame the whole Conservative Party for how the Brexit talks have gone.

One wrote: “The entire Tory party is to blame for letting her carry on for three years lying and kowtowing to the EU.”    

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