Who Made It Out Alive On 'Chicago Fire?' — Premiere Recap

Posted on Sep 29 2017 - 7:04am by admin

The season premiere of ‘Chicago Fire’ picked up right when the finale left off — with everyone wondering who would survive those flames. Warning: don’t click in if you haven’t watched!

What do you do when most of your squad is inside? The only thing you can do: warn them to cover themselves, and open up the water gates. That’s what Boden did on the Chicago Fire premiere; when the squad ran in, both Mouch and Casey were unconscious. Herrmann actually didn’t take cover, instead he was extremely burnt from using himself to cover Mouch’s body.

However, Mouch didn’t die; he flatlined at one point, but did survive. Casey also survived the fire, and received a medal of valor for his bravery — that was the service that we all saw in the trailer that appeared to be a funeral. Gabby was obviously happy, but was having a much tougher time than she was letting off, and it’s likely that that storyline won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

We also met a not so likable newby: Brett’s friend, Hope, who immediately had her eye on Severide. Who doesn’t these days? Hope was also sketchy and hiding her interest from Brett for some reason. But did Severide really have time for her? His ex, Stella, also still had interest — in making him her roommate. She was kicked out of her building, so like a great “friend,” he offered her his couch. Love triangle on the horizon? All signs point to yes.

“She’s going to be an irritant for the first half of the season, coming in and stirring things up. She’s a disrupter,” creator Derek Haas told us about Hope. As for Kidd, Severide’s “a little resistant because one, he’s doing her a favor by letting her stay there and two, he’s got this lifestyle… he’s a little bit back to his bad boy ways after the events of last season.”

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the premiere? Were you surprised everyone survived?

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