Who Is [SPOILER]? Here’s A Refresher On That Shocking ‘TWD’ Comeback

Posted on Oct 30 2017 - 3:40pm by admin

Not quite sure who that person was at the end of this week’s ‘The Walking Dead’? Don’t worry, HollywoodLife.com is here to refresh your memory!

WARNING: If you haven’t watched the October 29 episode of The Walking Dead and don’t want to be majorly spoiled, you should stop reading. Seriously. Last chance. Okay, ready? Here we go! Morales made a truly surprising comeback in the final moments of the episode, stunning not just the viewers but Rick, too. Morales was in the very first season of The Walking Dead when Rick and the group were still in Atlanta. There have been six long seasons in between season one and season eight, and we really don’t know how many years that equates to on the series. The only thing that’s for sure is that Rick definitely never thought he’d see Morales again. But BOOM! He’s back.

The last time we saw Morales was when he decided that he and his family were going to Alabama instead of tagging along with Rick and the gang to the CDC. At the time Morales was still with his wife, Miranda, and their two children, Eliza and Louis. Even though Rick didn’t want Morales and his family to go off on their own, he made sure they weren’t completely helpless by giving them a gun, a box of ammo, and a walkie talkie to get in touch if needed. When Rick is found by Morales inside one of the Saviors hideouts, he doesn’t seem very grateful for Rick’s generosity back in the day. Instead he tells Rick that he’s already called the Saviors and they are on their way, which means Rick is in big, big trouble. As the episode ends, Morales cocks his loaded gun in Rick’s face. Yikes!

Morales On 'The Walking Dead'

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